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Repeat food truck offender’s ‘roach coaches’ land on Dirty Dining – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-04-08 00:09:12 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — 2 food trucks, 5 imminent health hazards, and 109 disadvantages between them.

That was servicing workers at the Resorts World construction site in Las Vegas Boulevard near Desert Inroad.

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Quality Food Service is a recurring criminal in Dirty Dining.

On March 24, the health district braked two Quality trucks, with 59 disadvantages in one case and 50 disadvantages in the other.

One truck did not have enough water for employees to wash their hands. Both had cockroaches. And both were spilling sewage on the ground at Resorts World Site.

The sign that greets the customer in the truck’s walk-up window first emphasizes safety and promotes social distance, but the health district has determined that it is clearly unsafe on the day of the inspection, so the internal kitchen follows its own advice. Not in.

Inspectors saw a large cockroach crawling beside a container of cooked food in one truck and four cockroaches in another truck coming out of the storage compartment.

Multiple food handlers on both trucks grabbed ready-to-eat food with unwashed bare hands and provided it to customers before inspectors intervened.

Dirty Dining | Health Test Report from a Las Vegas Restaurant

There were moldy onions and overly dirty kitchen utensils in a similarly dirty container.

Many of the prepared foods had to be thrown away due to dangerous temperatures, as was the case with boxes of raw bacon that had been thawed in a ventilated hood.

Food was stored under a hand soap pump bottle. The dishes were washed without chlorine disinfectant and there was debris in the only hand sink in one unit.

Both trucks required thorough cleaning and the personnel were unable to convey their knowledge of food safety to inspectors.

The owner of the Quality Food Service mobile unit did not answer repeated phone calls or texts asking for comment, but had to attend a mandatory meeting with health district personnel.


I talked about Nigerian food two weeks ago At the commercial centers on Sahara Avenue and Maryland Parkway when closed due to a rat epidemic.

On March 22, the scheduled re-examination failed and the rat and its dung were still there and had to remain closed.

The failure cost Nigerian food owners a second $ 1,400 fee.

She said the entire building was old, rodent was widespread, and she was doing everything she could to handle the problem.


Our last imminent health hazard was Starbucks on the MGM Grand Studio Walk.

It was closed on March 26th due to lack of hot water.

A spokesperson for MGM Resorts said Starbucks “takes immediate action to resolve the case and the area is once again operating with an A rating from the health district.”

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