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A leaky flapper that controls the amount of water that enters the bowl from the toilet tank can waste gallons of water during the flush.

As of June 21, 2022, almost one-third of the United States is facing Severe drought or more.. Many state and local governments have responded to dryness over the past two years as follows: Encourage residents to reduce water usage..

and TikTok boasts almost 1 million viewsOne mother said she could save up to $ 50 a month by replacing all the flappers in her home’s toilet. This is a device that fills the toilet bowl with water when washing with water. She said the new flapper closes quickly, using less water and saving money.


Can the new toilet flapper save money by reducing the amount of water used per flush?

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No, new toilet flappers can’t save money by reducing water usage per flush. However, if your current toilet flapper is leaking, you can save money by replacing it.

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A toilet flapper is a valve that seals the opening between the toilet tank and bowl. This is usually a small disc made of a combination of plastic and rubber. When the toilet is flushed and the flapper opens, the water in the tank flows into the bowl. When a certain amount of water is discharged into the bowl, the flapper closes again to refill the tank.

Stephanie Brazek, executive director of a plumbing heating and cooling company in North Carolina, said replacing one or more toilet flappers in his home could save him $ 50 a month. But she said these savings can only be seen if there is a leak in the old flapper.

“Often people have toilets with leaks around the flappers, so they use water consistently,” Blazek said. She explained that you can check for leaks by putting food coloring in the toilet tank, waiting 20 minutes, and then checking the toilet bowl for color.

“If you see the color, it means there’s something leaking in the flapper, so you’re always losing water,” Blazek continues. “If you don’t see it, you don’t need to change the flapper. I don’t think it makes a big difference.”

according to New York City Environmental Protection Agency In the pamphlet, a small leak wastes 30 gallons of water per day and costs 40 cents per day, while a medium leak wastes 250 gallons of water and costs $ 3.30 per day. takes. That’s $ 12 to $ 99 in 30 days. The pamphlet states that flappers are most likely the cause of toilet leaks.

“Many people have leaked and you won’t know it. We’re waiting for the toilet to start working,” Brazek said. “You always hear that toilet running, and it’s annoying, and you change it, but leaks can occur long before that.”

The reason why toilet flapper leaks can be very expensive is due to how the toilet flushing mechanism works. Corky toilet repairAccording to a company that sells toilet parts, another part of the toilet tank, the filling valve, will bring water into the tank after the toilet has been flushed and will remain there until the tank is refilled. Whenever water leaves the tank, the valve is turned on to bring the tank back to the proper level.

Therefore, if there is a leak in the flapper where water can escape from the tank when the toilet is not in use, the filling valve will ensure that water is always flowing into the tank to replenish the leaked water. increase.

Each toilet is designed to be flushed with a certain amount of water. Santa Claus Water Services Bureau To tell. Toilets manufactured before 1982 are washed with 5-7 gallons. Toilets manufactured between 1982 and 1993 are usually washed with 3.5 gallons. Toilets manufactured after 1994 use less than 1.6 gallons of water to flush.

The Santa Cruz Water Department states that all toilets should be marked somewhere, often near the seat hinges, to indicate the amount of water used for each wash. The new toilets are labeled 1.6 gpf (gallons per flush) or 6.0 lpf (liters per flush).

This is part of the reason why replacing the flapper doesn’t make a big difference, as long as the current flapper is okay. Most flappers are designed to close the moment the tank releases the right amount of water to flush that particular toilet.

There is an adjustable toilet flapper that gives you some control over how long the flapper stays open and the amount of water used in a single flush, but there is no guarantee that you can reduce the amount of water used per flush. ..

according to FluidmasterThe adjustable flapper, which makes the toilet parts, closes independently by another mechanism, rather than automatically closing based on the amount of water remaining in the tank. These are intended for toilets that use 1.28 gallons and 1.6 gallons of wash volume per wash and should not be used for toilets manufactured before 1994. This is because modern toilets are designed to stop cleaning before all water leaves the tank.

However, because the toilet is designed to work with a certain amount of flush, closing the adjustable flapper faster than usual and putting less water in the bowl may not flush the toilet properly. Shortening the time the flapper stays open can cause the flash to weaken or become incomplete. Fluidmaster saysYou need to keep pressing the handle for a long time.

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