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At this point, it’s no wonder that Bruins fans would want to be interested in Bruins if they had the famous wings on the market.

It was the case of Taylor Hall last summer, but now it seems to be the case of Vladimir Tara Senko.

Thalassenko is reportedly in a situation not much different from Jack Eiker. Dissatisfied with the way the team managed the injury and is ready to skip the town for a new landscape.

On Monday, Jeremy Rutherford Athletic, The person who has stood at the top of the story of Thalassenko from the beginning, Publish the work Thalassenko says he has submitted a “yes, I’m going there” trade list for 10 teams.

Is it one of the teams on the list, allegedly?your Boston Bruins..

It’s purely Fantasy hockey Lineup Perspective: The right-wing Thalassenko could be a considerable choice for the potential Hall-David Kreich-Taracento second line.

However, although Tarasenko is not currently a blue-in, it should also be considered that neither is a blue-in, as the other two also need new deals.

Thalassenko has a two-year contract left and has a $ 7.5 million cap.

Is it worth the acquisition of Thalassenko?

It’s easy to get excited about Tarasenko as a blue-in, but it’s also important to remember the recent history.

He played 102 games during the 2019 season, while Russian winger has played only 42 games in the last two seasons combined.

It’s fair to assume that his upset persistent injury caused a drop in his production, he also had only 26 points in that span.

So … you bring in a perfectly healthy, rolling-ready talent that deserves his cap hit, or a worn-out, not exactly the same player with a bulging price tag. Is it?

No one can see the future, but the best guess is that Thalassenko lies somewhere in between. He’s better than before, but far from peaking a few seasons ago.

If so, it is a difficult sell to abandon assets to acquire such a player with such a cap hit.

How much does Tarasenko cost?

Bruce certainly doesn’t have to deal with him, but they also don’t have a lot of leverage.

They were able to test Thalassenko’s determination and see if he refused to appear in the camp, but that could backfire: it’s his value for a man to refuse to play Does not inflate.

Thalassenko is a bit leveraged in that it can limit potential destinations to 10 teams, but it still has a 10% chance of being number one.

My best guess is that Thalassenko will be available in some combination of first round picks and mid-level outlook, or second round picks and high-end outlook.

In the above Athletic In the work, they suggested a pick package for the first round of 2021 with Trent Frederick, which seems a bit steep to me (Razaford, in his part, Bruce said, ” [that] I’ll trade yesterday, “shows which team has the advantage).

If you make the deal a second round pick and Frederick, that’s another story (as long as St. Louis eats a portion of his salary).

As mentioned above, it’s easy to see why Bruins fans want to see the team buy Talasenko. We’ve been yelling about Kreich’s wings for years, so if the team suddenly armed him in Hall and Thalassenko, that’s pretty much a trio.

However, there is no real guarantee that either (or both) of these two will come back, and Thalassenko will be an even bigger bet.

For me, the legitimate part of defense is more important than another wing if Bruins is rolling dice in significant deals this offseason.

Unless St. Louis is willing to trade at a discounted price to remove Tarasenko from the books, B should use their assets elsewhere.

Report: Bruins might be on Tarasenko’s list, but is it worth it? Source link Report: Bruins might be on Tarasenko’s list, but is it worth it?

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