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A newly unedited report, part of a federal proceeding filed by black and Latin police against Prince George’s County police, details the lack of surveillance within the department and is probably partly colored. Explains why a police officer filed a proceeding for justice.

Former police chief Hank Stawinski attempted to resign in December 2018, when the proceedings were first filed, but county mayor Angela Alsobrooks said he “supported.” [Stawisnki] According to a newly announced deposit made after Stawinsky left the department, he remains as police chief.

Here you can see the complete deposit.

Stawinsky’s testimony record was “when he considered reports of racial discrimination against members of the department and community.[I] I saw many of the same concerns raised in previous conversations, which were part of the reason I retired. ”

Stawinsky emphasizes that he retired without resigning. His departure was considered shocking and unexpected for many who were unaware of internal issues within the department.

The Graham report, named after its author, accuses white police officers of blaming, investigating, and acknowledging or accepting leadership for not blaming racist behavior. .. He has appointed a number of commanders, including Stawinsky, former chief Mark Magau, and current interim chief Hector Beres.

According to the report, the ministry has policies to punish discriminatory behavior, but does not enforce those policies. Lack of surveillance extends to public complaints against police officers.

The county released its own report on Monday to counter the findings of the Graham report. It turns out that police apply discipline and use best practices to carry out investigations. The county report dismissed all charges of retaliation by current and former Latino and black police officers nominated in civil proceedings. The county reports that the department “not only meets but exceeds the criteria for complaints from citizens and employees within the company.”

Michael Graham, who compiled the plaintiff’s report, is a former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s lieutenant investigating police stations in agencies such as the Department of Justice. He was asked by a police officer to investigate the Prince George’s County Police Department and sue the department to compile an independent report of his findings. Through departmental records, testimony records, and email, Graham discovered patterns of racism. There is little or no investigation of racial harassment or discrimination. Unfair treatment and more severe punishment for colored officers. Lack of accountability to white officers. Culture of retaliation and most enforcement of department-specific policies for white officers.

The Graham Report found that complaints against white officers from county authorities, including county council members and citizens, were rarely investigated, monitored, and tracked. The report states that this seems to have been done intentionally. The report details that when Color officers complained about their work environment, the complaining officers were investigated and retaliated through complaints against relocation.

A An edited version of the report was released last summer, On the same day, Stawinsky resigns as chief..

Police have spent more than $ 10 million on private law offices to combat the incident and the release of unedited reports.

Prince George’s County Administrative Officer Angela Alsobrooks has announced a drastic change to the county’s police station.

Earlier this month, a federal judge ordered the release, stating that “publication has contributed significantly to the interests of the people.”

The names of police officers and commanders who attacked, and the names of supervisors who failed to investigate were disclosed.

Prince George’s County released its own report on Monday, including information compiled by former Montgomery County and Fairfax County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger. The manger report refuted the facts, dates and statements summarized in the Graham report. Ronda Weaver, a lawyer in Prince George’s County, said: “The Manger Report repeatedly points out cases where Graham failed to review and review important documents, misrepresents important facts and dates, removes statements and events from context, and causes some dissatisfaction and credibility. Allegations of Lost Officers — Some of them have been dismissed for serious misconduct, misidentifying officers and expressing their views on unfounded assumptions.

The Graham Report details an email exchange between the former President of the Prince Georges County Police Union and the Secretary of the Interior, who worked to help white police officers quickly clear department records after a discrimination lawsuit was filed. It states. At one point, Major Kathleen Mills, commander of the Interior, said, “I can’t always release your people, but I can certainly cross the aisle.”


The report nominates a higher proportion of black and brown police officers to engage in domestic affairs and persistent cases and dismissals than white police officers. According to the report, Stawinsky and Mills have never noticed or investigated the pattern in response to complaints from executives. Mills is still in the department and is currently working under the Interim Chief.

A pair of bombs shook the Prince George’s County Police Station. Prince George’s County Chief Tracy Wilkins reports that Chief Hankstavinsky resigned shortly after the explosive report condemned his department of organized racism.

The document cites a portion of News4’s report, stating that the incident discovered by News4 does not appear to have been investigated by the department, even after it was reported.

News4 reports A class of almost white cop leaving a bias training session at the University of Maryland.. In response to News4’s exclusive investigation, Stawinski said police officers need to complete training and there will be investigations. According to the Graham Report, there is no evidence that these officers were held accountable or retrained.

In a county expert report, the manager concluded that the department would provide appropriate implicit bias training in line with best practices. In addition, the UMD student who was observing the class felt that he was violating the department’s policies, so the police officer did not leave, but said he was given permission to leave.

In taking the testimony, Stawinsky said he was aware of the report’s complaints and appointed then assistant chief Beres to investigate the matter. Beres is currently the interim chief, as county officials are leading a national survey of permanent choices.

New evidence was revealed in a civil lawsuit in which some police officers filed a lawsuit against the Prince George’s County Police Department. Tracee Wilkins, Director of Prince George’s County, is doing the latest developments.

Stawisnki testified that he has delegated many of the areas described in the report to Velez, including the evaluation and monitoring of the use of armed complaints and the early identification system for departments. This system flags police officers who are overusing armed complaints, allowing departments to intervene and provide counseling, retraining, or possible disciplinary action.

According to the report, the lack of oversight of the early identification system allowed many police officers who should have been counseled or disciplined for the use of armed cases to remain unchecked. It included Cpl.Michael Owen, cop who uses armed complaints many times He was charged with murder after shooting an unarmed handcuffed man in a police car... Owen pleaded not guilty to the indictment. The county settled with the victim’s family and paid $ 20 million.

According to the report, the ministry’s suspension of surveillance of the use of armed proceedings broke the county’s promise to the Justice Department in a memorandum of understanding.

Mr. Stawinsky said Beres has not completed the commander’s action report on the counseling of officers identified by the early identification system. When asked about the few police officers responsible for most of the department’s use of force and why they were not disciplined, Mr. Stawinsky said Beres was familiar with these officers. Mr. Stawinsky also said Mr. Beres was charged with implementing the ministry’s racial profiling policy.

The judge denied Corporal Prince George’s County Police. Michael Owen’s request for release said he remained a threat to the community. Owen, who was accused of shooting William Green while being handcuffed on a cruiser, was surrounded by supporters in court. Owen’s father told News 4 Tracy Wilkins that his son “dislikes his position.”

The former chief confirmed that no officer in the department was disciplined or dismissed for racial profiling. When asked about the lack of oversight in the interior department, Stawinsky said he again delegated that responsibility to Beres.

A county lawyer said: “The Manger Report digs deeper into the allegations of illegal activity cited by plaintiffs and, overall, concludes that the ministry adheres to a corresponding policy for dealing with harassment and discrimination complaints. It has best practices and industry standards. “

Stawinsky said he felt that the NAACP’s call for dismissal from the Prince George’s County branch prevented “strong dialogue” with community leaders, and the difference was not a report, but a “reception.” — Especially by then-President Bob Ross.

Some of the incidents in the report preceded Stawisunki’s tenure. The report repeatedly posted racial comments to social media accounts, calling a black member of his HQ “baboon” and, in one example, a fellow officer “ghetto fide, bat slappin”. He has nominated a sergeant who has been accused of doing so. Noble and incompetent r —- d. The sergeant was advised to dismiss, but former chief Mark Magau downgraded the indictment, allowing the sergeant to remain in the army and be promoted to lieutenant, the report said.

Prince George’s County administrator Angela Alsobrooks appointed a provisional police chief after Hankstavinsky resigned in allegations of discrimination within the department. The county director, Tracee Wilkins, reports.

County lawyer Ronda Weaver wrote that he hopes the county will be able to publish a complete, unedited report.

“As stated shortly after the court’s ruling, Prince George’s County has been working to fully comply with the judge’s order on February 10. We publish an unedited” Graham Report. ” We will respect the court’s decision to do so. You will have the opportunity to release an unedited version of your own expert report produced by former Montgomery and Fairfax County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger. “

News4 contacted the county for comment from Velez. A county lawyer issued a statement that Stawinsky did not blame Beres, but referred to his deputy chief’s responsibilities.

The proceedings have not yet been tried.

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