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When democracy activist Thomas Kennedy was detained at a press conference held by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis last month and subsequently dismissed, Miami-Dade police said he was not a press. But now, according to public records, Florida’s Supreme Law Enforcement Agency warned the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) about Kennedy the day before the event, calling him a “known instigator.”

On April 8, Kennedy, a member of the Florida Democratic National Convention and a critic of Desantis’ voice, said: Detained By an MDPD officer in a parking lot in Port Miami about a block from where the Republican Governor and his cabinet members were discussing Their plans to sue the federal government To bring the cruise industry back into business a year after COVID related sailless orders.

In a video posted by Kennedy on Twitter, MDPD police officers said Kennedy had been warned of trespassing and would be escorted from Port Miami. When Kennedy claimed it was a public port, the policeman replied, “It’s not for you.”

MDPD said New Times At that time, the press conference was for media members only, and Kennedy was not qualified.But Incident report The event shows that the Florida Law Enforcement Agency (FDLE) gave MDPD advance warning about Kennedy, and MDPD police officers were on the alert on the day of the press conference.Incident report was first retrieved and reported by Grant Stern, a local blogger and activist..

A case report obtained by Kennedy and Stern in response to a request for public records states that FDLE Special Agent Alejandro Oliva met with Sergeant MDPD on April 7 in connection with the governor’s press conference the next day. Oliva told the sergeant about Kennedy that he was a “famous agitator” with a history of confusing the events of Desantis. (30-year-old Kennedy has been in recent years Crash DeSantis press conference, Publicly announce the governor and post a video of his actions on social media. )

FDLE gave MDPD a physical description of Kennedy and his car, and police could find him when he drove to a parking lot in Port Miami on the day of the press conference. Reportedly, Kennedy was asked about his business at the harbor and said the meeting was a private event and he was not on the list. Later, he was not allowed to be there and was not invited, so he was warned of trespassing.

April 8 New Times I asked the governor’s press conference if any individuals were banned from attending DeSantis’ press conference. The office did not respond.

Kennedy suspected that he was chosen because he was a critic of the governor’s voice. Other civilians were roaming the same parking lot, he says, but he was the only one approached by police. He says he didn’t even try to enter the press conference before the police stopped him.

Incident reports show that Kennedy was essentially FDLE, blacklisted by the agency Led by DeSantis appointed, Kennedy believes that allegations of his political motivation have been confirmed.

“The governor is using the police as his personal army to chase his critics, and FDLE held a meeting before his event to give me personal information, a description of my car. I’m worried about sharing and targeting me preemptively, “says Kennedy. New Times..

FDLE spokesman says New Times It is standard for agencies to stay in touch with local law enforcement agencies prior to a particular event.

“We work very closely with local law enforcement agencies. We will notify local agencies of any security issues or safety concerns, including known stirrers,” said a spokesman. Says.

FDLE was unable to immediately answer the follow-up question as to whether Kennedy was considered a security threat or a security concern.

Stern and local lawyer David Winker argue that Kennedy’s expulsion from the press conference may constitute a violation of Florida’s open government law. They argue that the meeting where Desantis and his cabinet members discussed policy decisions was a public meeting, and therefore anyone who wanted to attend could attend.

According to the Florida Attorney General’s Office, this law applies to all discussions or deliberations conducted by the Board or Committee.

“The law is essentially applicable when two or more members of the same board or committee, whether formal or extraordinary, meet to discuss matters for which the public board or committee will take foreseeable measures. There must be a quorum for meetings subject to the law. ” Attorney General’s website Status.

Despite FDLE’s actions, Kennedy said he would continue to protest the governor, emphasizing peaceful protests and taking advantage of his right to free speech.

“This does not threaten me. I will continue to exercise the rights of the First Amendment,” says Kennedy. New Times“I hope this encourages others to protest the governor,” he added.

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Report: FDLE Called Democratic Activist a “Known Agitator”
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