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San Diego, CA — 19 states and Washington, DC have passed a “danger signal” law in an attempt to stop the tragedy before it occurs. Although they vary from state to state, the law provides a legal mechanism for temporarily removing firearms and ammunition from people at risk of harming themselves and others.

But as more states adopt these laws, new report It emphasizes the challenges of deploying them.

“This is an intuitive law that removes firearms from high-risk situations in this temporary way, allowing endangered people to get help or cool whatever they need. “When, Violence Prevention Research Program (VPRP) University of California, Davis.

of California, Family members, household members, employers, certain colleagues, school staff, and law enforcement agencies can ask judges to temporarily remove guns from anyone who could hurt themselves or others. increase.

California’s Gun Violence Control Order (GVRO) Act was released in 2014 22-year-old man killed 6 people Near the University of California, Santa Barbara. A few weeks ago, his mother warned authorities about an annoying video his son posted online.

The law came into force in January 2016 and was extended in 2020 to allow certain teachers, school staff, colleagues and employers to seek orders to curb gun violence.

“Looking at the number of orders issued by county, I was surprised to see how slow it was in the first few years, and by county,” Pear said.

The pair says the law was rarely used after it came into force in 2016.

“The law doesn’t enforce itself,” Pear said. “Executives and others involved in the implementation didn’t even know what the law was, even in the book.”

The investigative team interviewed 27 key informants involved in implementing the GVRO, including judges, city or district attorneys, law enforcement officers, policy experts, and defenders of firearm violence prevention.

The report points out a few exceptions, noting that there is a lack of funding to support regional implementation efforts and that there is no centralized guidance.

Mara Elliott, a city lawyer, worked with law enforcement agencies and judicial officers to Implementation of GVRO Laws are becoming more widespread in San Diego.

“What we encountered could be someone experiencing a terrible farewell, they lost their job, or their neighbors are crazy about them,” Elliott said.

Elliott, a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, felt personally motivated to reduce gun violence in her city.

“It’s really a crisis intervention tool. The person isn’t punished, put in jail, or fined. They’re given the opportunity to get help,” Elliott said. .. “We also want the public to trust the process, so we scrutinize these cases thoroughly before proceeding with them.”

Police have confiscated more than 1,000 guns since the launch of San Diego’s GVRO program in 2017. According to Elliott’s office:

  • One-third of all cases relate to intimate partner, ex-partner, and family threats
  • 1/3 is related to the threat of self-harm
  • The remaining cases include threats to neighbors, strangers, acquaintances, colleagues, and schools.

San Diego program is currently being received State funding Useful for replicating models in other California cities.

“They have done more than anyone else in the state, and it has its local leaders, local champions of law, and this kind of top-down support for it. I think it has a lot to do with it, “Pear said.

As the state implements its own Hazard Signals Act, Pear proposes to develop an action plan in advance and specify funding for training.

“It’s helpless, there’s nothing we can do, and there’s no safe place,” Elliott said. “And now it’s in San Diego.”

Wave state The Locomotive Act was passed after the 2018 Parkland mass shootings, including Florida. This only allows law enforcement agencies to ask the judge to remove someone’s gun. Within three years of the state’s passage of law, more than 3,500 risk protection orders were granted by judges.

However, in places like Michigan where some counties have declared a Second Amendment Reserve, efforts to pass the Hazard Signals Act are stalled. Law critics are worried that it could be abused or that it violates constitutional rights.

In some states, there are penalties for malicious accusations.

Report finds more resources needed to implement ‘red flag’ gun laws effectively Source link Report finds more resources needed to implement ‘red flag’ gun laws effectively

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