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There is no separate fact checker in WhatsApp group chat, but in her Spanish group chat, Evelyn Pérez-Verdía is about to play that role.

In 2018, democratic strategist Perez Verdia, who specializes in fighting disinformation, shared YouTube videos in group chats with friends and told voters “ Socialist Andrew Gillam” and “ Capitalist Ronde I encouraged them to learn about “Santis”. This was the first time I remembered that Perez Verdia, who lives in Weston, was on the receiving side of disinformation.

The message sent by the respected community leader was a call for awakening, which helped Perez-Verdia better understand how widespread the problem is in South Florida.

On Wednesday, Pérez-Verdía was one of the webinar speakers hosted by the Hispanic Public Relations Association on the dangerous spread of political disinformation among Spanish speakers.

“One day we will allow the minds of our community to be freed from the psychological cancers that are spreading here in the United States,” Perez Verdia said during a virtual event. It was.

Webinar speakers recently report The week after the riots at the US Capitol on January 6, we’ll take a closer look at the extent to which disinformation and falsehoods were rampant on some of Miami’s Spanish-speaking radio stations. This report was published by the telecommunications company Prospero Latino and the progressive political organization Florida Rising.

According to the report, the four “most vicious” criminals who disinformation disinformation include three shows on Univision-owned Radio Mambí (710 am). Noticias With Nelson Rubio and Rodrigo Durand, Enmi Opinión With Lourdes D’Kendall, and Ninoskaen Mambí With Ninoska Pérez Castellón. The fourth is the show at Actualidad Radio (1040 AM). Kadatarde With Carines Moncada and Agustín Acosta.

As stated in the report, the organizers and guests of these programs made many false and harmful claims the week after the riots. There will be widespread fraudulent votes in the 2020 presidential election, saying that socialism and communism will replace democracy under the Biden administration.That “Chinese Communist” COVID-19 Pandemic Officer, And its Minnesota State Capitol Ilhan Omar Committing immigration fraud and marrying her brother..

Most of Miami’s Spanish talk radio shows are leaning to the right, experts pointed out during the webinar. For example, when the topic of riots was taken up, many hosts vehemently rejected the idea that it was coordinated by supporters of Donald Trump. Instead, they falsely claimed that the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements were involved.

“I refuse to accept that some of the individuals we’ve seen really support Donald Trump,” Lourdes Dendal said in a broadcast during the week examined in the report. ..

The Communist theme also played a major role, including by Venezuelan radio host Carines Moncada, who constantly compares liberal policies with those of South American countries with a history of communist influence.

“This must be done. Communism eats its own children“Monkada said Kadatarde January segment.

In the webinar, Prospero Latin-American CEO Josepara said disinformation spread through sources like Univision, which is considered to be well-received in the Spanish-speaking community, by Latin-American voters in Miami. Said that it was particularly damaging to.

“It’s time to start calling on the owners and sponsors of companies that rent out brands to legalize garbage,” Para said. “What are the people in Univision’s C Suite really thinking about what is being said on the radio?”

However, according to Para, it is a well-known fact that disinformation is spreading through the Spanish media in Miami. January, Florida Latino Group I wrote a letter Demand better fact-checking and accountability from Spanish-speaking journalists.And last year’s scandal Miami Herald After the reader pointed it out, it led to a mess of newsroom leadership. Weekly insertion Distributed at El Nuevo Herald It contained disinformation, along with racist and anti-Semitic remarks.

Para said the intention of producing the report was to have a record demonstrating the extent to which the right-wing Miami radio program was weaponized to influence public opinion.

Arizona Democrat Ruben Gallego said in a webinar that he believed that the Latin community surrounding the word “socialism” was misleading. This is often confused with the style of government in Spanish-speaking countries.What is generally considered as an authoritarian socialist government It’s very different From the so-called democratic socialism of the American left. This applies to the principles of democracy.

“I’m sure many are afraid of the word’socialism’,” he said. “But at the same time, these people are using Medicare or social security.”

Andrea Mercado, co-secretary general of Florida Rising, said that conscious efforts are needed to provide people with tools to disclose media literacy and disinformation.

“This is about creating public harm that killed people,” she said. “And I think it’s a message to Congress. It really has an impact on our community.”

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Report: Miami Spanish Radio Accused of Disinformation
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