Report reveals the culture of drunken excess Downing Street

Noisy gatherings, drunken fights, overdrinks, spilled red wine on the walls, broken children’s swings: Sugley’s report is in Downing Street when other parts of Britain were under strict blockade rules. I’m drawing a wild picture of my life.

Gray avoided criticizing the individual in the 37-page document and instead noted pointing out the broader “leadership and judgment failure” at Downing Street and the Cabinet Office.

“The center’s senior leaders must be responsible for this culture, both politically and officially,” the report said.

Senior managers knew they were breaking the rules

For each page Report Not only how the illegal parties were happening, but seniors also outlined that they knew they could be bending or breaking the rules.

At one point, Boris Johnson’s chief secretary, Martin Reynolds, sent an email to 200 people inviting them to a drink party in the garden of Downing Street on May 20, 2020.

In response, a colleague warned:

After a while, Reynolds wrote to another colleague about the May party.

Boris Johnson © UK Government held in Downing Street on November 13, 2020

On another occasion, Lee Cain, then Downing Street Director of Communications, told Reynolds during an exchange for a rally scheduled for June 18, 2020, that the party’s ideas could be wrong. I warned. “To be honest, I don’t know if it will work at all … Obviously, there is a lot of communication risk,” Cain writes.

Prior to the rally, one source ironically wrote to a colleague:

Party culture on Downing Street

Gray’s report reveals details of the dizzying gatherings in and around Downing Street.

Gray pointed out that there was a noisy atmosphere where people were “excessively” drinking at an event attended by up to 45 people at the Number 10 Press Office on December 18, 2020.

“The event was crowded and noisy, and that night some of the people working elsewhere in the number 10 building heard a fair amount of noise from what was characterized as a party at the press office.” She wrote.

A cleaner who went to the room the next morning found red wine spilling on one wall and several boxes of copier paper, the report said. Number 10 staff said they repeatedly showed a lack of respect for security and cleaning staff.

Two rallies were held on June 18, 2020. The first rally was held at number 10 in the Cabinet Office and lasted up to an hour. The second was held in the Secretary of the Government at 70 Whitehall, which included “alcohol, food and music” and lasted for several hours.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Helen McNamara, who was responsible for the ethics and legitimacy of Whitehall, attended part of the evening and even provided a karaoke machine.

“There was excessive alcohol consumption by some individuals,” the report said. “One was ill. There was a small change between the other two individuals.” The last member of the staff left the rally at 3:13 am.

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak gathered in the Cabinet Room on Downing Street for the Prime Minister’s birthday on June 19, 2020 © UK Government

At a rally on April 16, 2021, the eve of Prince Phillip’s funeral, the report talks about how the staff partyed until early in the morning.

“The end log shows that some were left after midnight and some were left between 01:45-02:45 am. Two members of the staff still stayed late and stayed late. One departed at 3:11 am and the last member departed at 04:20. “

Junior officials bear the brunt of fines

While millions of people are largely trapped in their homes, the report could be politically damaging to Johnson given the cultural portrayal of the number 10 Bacchanalia. However, some of the report’s conclusions may be useful to the Prime Minister.

For example, Gray confirmed that Johnson was unaware of the rally on June 19, 2020, celebrating his 56th birthday. Therefore, he received a fixed penalty notice.

“He returned from an outside visit to 10 Downing Street at about 14.20 and was taken to the Cabinet Room where sandwiches, snacks, soft drinks and cans of beer were installed,” the report said. Johnson, his wife Carrie Johnson, and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak were all fined £ 50 for attending this event.

Similarly, Gray is “not appropriate or proportional” to investigate the rally held at Johnson’s 10th and higher private apartments on November 13, 2020, after former Chief of Staff Dominic Cummings left. I decided.

Gray said he did not investigate the rally anymore as the Metropolitan Police Department began its own investigation into the rule violations across Whitehall.

Critics point out that Met seems to have given more fines to his juniors than his boss. This includes Simon Case, a civil servant who has not been fined at all.

Gray said the young staff often followed the lead of their boss when they attended the noisy party.

“I regret that there are no excuses for some of the actions described here, but that the most junior people attended or actually organized rallies attended by their seniors. It’s important to admit, “she said. “We hope this will be taken into account when considering disciplinary action.”

Report reveals the culture of drunken excess Downing Street

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