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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-04-08 23:07:23 –

Legislative reports on state auditors and legislative reports on whether the office complies with constitutional obligations have negligently appointed executives with inadequate experience, and the move has been “delayed.” And contributed to the premature report. “

The office, now headed by state auditor Le Condo, is “inconsistent” in the application of auditing standards, leading to a long-standing project by staff to revise the office’s own operations and standards manuals. ..

Report, Released on thursday According to the Hawaii State House of Representatives, state auditors have concluded that they are “not in full compliance.” Article VII, Section 10 Hawaii’s Constitution May Pave the Way for Kondo’s Dismissal

State auditor Le Condo has been attacked by a house leader who ordered a report on his office. The report is currently open and is not a compliment. Orero Community Media

House Speaker Scott Saiki set up a working group in January to consider running Kondo’s office. The beginning of efforts to drive away Kondo.. According to Saiki, the review was triggered by “unnecessary proceedings” involving auditors and missed deadlines for some audit reports.

At the same time, Mr. Nishiki submitted a bill to reduce the annual budget of corporate auditors by more than 50%. Mr. Kondo stated as follows.Basically the intestines“Office. The budget cuts proposed later have been significantly reduced.

Saiki has nominated three celebrities in the group — led by former city auditor Edwin Young, including former US MP Colleen Hanabusa and former State Treasury Director Wes Machida.

The 79-page report made nine recommendations, including that state auditors and executive-level managers and leaders of the Secretariat have at least five years of government audit experience.

According to the report, the group reviewed the information dating back to the establishment of the state auditor’s office and interviewed a former employee of the state’s auditor’s office.

However, according to the report, Mr. Kondo refused to meet with the investigators and refused to answer questions sent by the group.

According to the Constitution, the legislature can dismiss a state auditor at any time for good reason by voting two-thirds of the members of the joint session.

The report also found that office oversight was needed “to eliminate violations of legal and statutory requirements,” such as the deadlines set by Congress.

Without that oversight, the report warns and a myriad of problems will continue.

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