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Riverside, California 2021-05-01 07:16:26 –

In a 271 page report released Friday, Army investigators reported that Gillen had been sexually harassed by a supervisor.

Fort Hood, Texas — A Survey of Command System Behavior After Fort Hood’s Disappearance Spc.Vanessa Gillen According to, Gillen reveals that he has been sexually harassed by the supervisor U.S. Army General Army Chief of Staff..

A 271 page reportThere were some important discoveries, including the help of more than 151 people interviewed.

It turns out that the supervisor created an intimidating and hostile environment. The report also found that unit leaders were informed about harassment and supervisor adverse effects and did not take appropriate action.

Investigation revealed that Gillen’s search was immediate and well-coordinated. Fort Hood recognized the unique situation of her disappearance on April 22, and decided that her absence was not voluntary.

At a press conference on Friday, the Army did not elaborate on Spc’s methods and reasons. Suspected of her disappearance, Aaron Robinson was able to leave Fort Hood on June 30, fleeing authorities and committing suicide.

The Army said it had disciplined 21 officers and noncommissioned officers in Fort Hood in connection with the Gillen case. The punishment, including the dismissal of six senior commanders, was the latest Army move in response to Gillen’s disappearance and death, revealing widespread failure of leadership at the base.

Gillen disappeared on April 22, 2020, and her body was found off the base of Killeen on June 30. However, there was no evidence that she had been sexually assaulted.

According to reports, Gillen reported sexual harassment twice informally, neither of which was reported by his boss. Allegations of harassment were reportedly unrelated to her death.

The report, released on Friday, is also Spc between April and September 2019. Robinson harassed a female expert other than Fort Hood, but found no credible evidence that Robinson had sexually harassed Gillen.

The report further stated that soldiers in Gillen’s troops were not well trained to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault, and the prevention programs there were not fully emphasized.

Regarding Gillen’s search, Army investigators discovered that on April 22, 2020, when she learned that Gillen was missing, her troops responded immediately with “all available resources.” .. When the Army Criminal Investigation Command took over the case two days later, they recognized Gillen as a “missing soldier” who disappeared under “abnormal” circumstances.

“We were unable to protect Specialist Vanessa Gillen as an Army,” said Major Jean Rubuev of the United States Army.

The following is a summary of the survey. You can read more documents, Contains a 172 page report here..

The investigation does not include allegations of criminal activity related to Gillen’s disappearance. This is being handled by the FBI, the US Army Criminal Investigation Command, and other law enforcement agencies.

The Gillen rally was scheduled to take place in Houston on Friday, but the schedule was changed due to the weather.

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