Reporter’s Notebook for 06/05/21 – WTMJ – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-06-05 14:35:36 –

WTMJ’s Reporter’s Notebook is a show that focuses on the major articles of the week and talks to the journalists responsible for them.

This week’s guests / topics are:

Shaun Gallagher – – TMJ4 News Eye Team Reporter – Sean joins the program and discusses him Racist Task Force Survey Created by the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Tony Betak – Reporter WTMJ – How Tony joined the program and got a series of recent attentions from Hacking and Wisconsin companies WE Energy, etc., Self-defense.

Christine Burn – Consumer Survey Reporter TMJ4 News – Christine joins and discusses the program Her story About a Milwaukee man who was scammed for thousands of dollars while paying for legitimate medical expenses.

Brian Dee – Sports Anchor / Host WTMJ – Brian joins the program WTMJ Care Milwalky’s Miracle League initiative.

Shawn Ryan – Reporter Milwalky Business Journal – Sean joins and discusses the program WTMJ Relocation Plan to The Avenue What will the property look like when the refurbishment is complete in downtown Milwaukee?

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