Reporters Notebook for 10/23/2021 – WTMJ – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-10-23 14:50:23 –

WTMJ’s Reporter’s Notebook is a show that focuses on the major articles of the week and talks to the journalists who cover them.

This week’s guests / topics are:

Tony Bettack-WTMJ Reporter- Tony attends the show Impact on the supply chain Through the shortage of truck drivers.

Debbie Lazinga-WTMJ Traffic Reporter- Debbie attends the show’s speech Deer on the road When autumn enters Wisconsin.

Rich Kirchen– –Reporter Milwalky Business Journal – – Rich will attend the show to discuss job creation and vaccination obligations around Milwaukee.

Peter Feigin-President Milwaukee Bucks– – Peter participated in Wisconsin Afternoon News to showcase the team’s championship ring and its design.

Melissa Barclay-co-host Wisconsin Afternoon News– – Melissa joins the program and talks about Milwaukee’s new brewery and historic business anniversary.

Kristin Byrne – Consumer Investigative Journalist TMJ4 News – – Christine attends the show and discusses her work. Using shipping methods may incur additional costs Door dash, Instacart, etc.

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