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Reports of severe covid or death after vaccination are rare, but not unexpected

Over the past few months, the steady heartbeat of the headline has highlighted the amazing real-world effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine, especially the mRNA vaccine made by. Pfizer Biotechnology And Modana.Vaccine, Post-study research is showingIs more than 90% effective in preventing the worst consequences such as hospitalization and death.

However, alongside this good news, there were rare reports of severe Covid in fully vaccinated people.

For example, on June 3, Napa County announced that a fully vaccinated woman, more than a month after her second Moderna shot, died after being admitted to Covid. Women over the age of 65 with underlying illness Alpha variant, First identified in the United Kingdom.

These cases are tragic, but rare and not unexpected.

Dr. William Schaffner, director of medicine at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and vaccine expert at Vanderbilt University, said: However, he said, “I expected occasional breakthrough infections.”

Scientists said that people should not be discouraged from being vaccinated in such cases. Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, said: “This is the best chance to avoid a serious and serious illness, but as it applies to all medicine, it is not perfect.”

Severe covids are rare in fully vaccinated individuals.To Paper published last month, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 10,262 breakthrough infectious diseases By April 30th. It’s only a small percentage of the 101 million Americans vaccinated by that date, but officials say it likely represents a “significant underestimation” of the breakthrough infection. I did.

Of these breakthrough cases, 10% of patients were hospitalized and 2% died. Also, in some cases, the patient was hospitalized or died of something unrelated to Covid-19. The median age of those who died was 82 years.

Elderly people at high risk for Covid complications are also more likely to develop breakthrough infections because their immune response to the vaccine is known to be weak. People with immunodeficiency and other chronic health conditions may also be at increased risk.

Some variants, especially the first identified beta in South Africa, are likely to evade vaccine-induced defenses. However, beta is currently uncommon in the United States, Dr. Schaffner said.

Alpha mutants that infect women in Napa County are highly contagious, but the vaccine provides excellent protection against it and against the original strain of the virus.

In a statement, Dr. Karen Lercio, a public health officer in Napa County, said, “Vaccines provide extraordinary protection against viral death and illness, and all residents want to protect themselves and others. We need to continue vaccination. “

Breakthrough infections can decrease as more people are vaccinated and the infection rate in the area declines. “The virus will infect fewer and fewer people — it will be more difficult for the virus to pass through the population,” Dr. Schaffner said. “These are great vaccines. For vaccines to work optimally, we need to vaccinate as many people as possible on an individual and community basis.”

Reports of severe covid or death after vaccination are rare, but not unexpected

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