Reports of vehicles trapped on I-70 at Glenwood Canyon following ‘multiple large mudslides’ – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-07-30 12:14:15 –

Glenwood Canyon, Colorado – Several people were reportedly trapped on Interstate Highway 70 after “several major landslides” in Glenwood Canyon all night on Friday morning.

Colorado Transport Authority (CDOT) officials said Dossello and Glenwood Springs, West Rifle, after a major landslide caused by a heavy rain of grizzly bear burns moved the area Thursday evening, early Monday morning. Said that the safety closure between Canyon Creek continues. ..

Viewers who contacted Denver 7 said that about 80 cars were stuck on the I-70 in the area between the landslides. The man said his parents from Durango to Brickenridge had been stuck on the freeway since Thursday night.

Another viewer who contacted Denver 7 said his family was involved in a landslide all night but could not provide further details.

Report of a vehicle trapped in I-70 at Glenwood Canyon following “multiple major landslides”

A CDOT spokeswoman said he was working to safely evacuate the people in the canyon and is working with local agencies. When asked if anyone was caught or trapped in a landslide, a spokeswoman said it was “incorrect.”

When pressed to contact Denver 7 informing viewers that he was trapped on the freeway, a spokeswoman repeated her previous statement and worked to safely evacuate everyone on the freeway. Said that.

In a news release, Garfield County Security Offices headed to the Canyon “to reach more than 20 individuals in the tunnel,” along with Glenwood Fire and a bus from RFTA, their agents said.

According to a news release from the sheriff’s office, “multiple vehicles are still trapped in the canyon,” and CDOT is busy rescuing those vehicles and their crew while purifying the debris flow. I added that.

Current alternative routes include a detour of at least 2 hours.

Westbound traffic leaves at Silverthorn and can take Colorado 9 north to US 40 and then west to Craig. From Craig, head south on Colorado 13 towards the rifle and back on the I-70. Eastbound traffic must leave with a rifle and take the same route in the opposite direction.

According to CDOT, drivers planning to use the I-70 and other high-altitude roads will need to bring supplies in case they need to spend a lot of time in the car. At the very least, this includes water, light meals, flashlights, and blankets.

Please check the road conditions of Click here for the CDOT website And sign up Traffic warning here..

Reports of vehicles trapped on I-70 at Glenwood Canyon following ‘multiple large mudslides’ Source link Reports of vehicles trapped on I-70 at Glenwood Canyon following ‘multiple large mudslides’

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