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Republican Kimberly Clasique isn’t just criticizing his opponent, Kwaiishi Muhum, in a Maryland parliamentary race in a Democratic district. She blames Democrats for more than 50 years of hardship in Baltimore and other cities. Crime and poverty while led by the Democratic Party.

Clasique caught the attention of President Donald Trump in August and placed an ad on Twitter. This shows walking through the devastated section of Baltimore, which criticizes Democrats for hurting Maryland’s largest city. Result: The coveted role of speech at the Republican National Convention.

“The Trump family saw it. They loved it,” she said in an interview. “I always come across people who say,’What you said was right.'”

Her advertising and presidential support have created more than just a buzz. Klacik currently has a greater funding advantage than the former NAACP leader. She raised about $ 6.5 million from July 1st to September 30th and has about $ 3.6 million in cash on hand. This is compared to Mfume, which raised about $ 184,000 over the same period. He has about $ 269,000 in cash on hand, according to this week’s Federal Election Commission filings.

Clasique lost in a special election in April, but she said she was in a better position in her second race with Muhum, who won about 74% of the votes to fill the vacancy in the House of Representatives caused by Elijah Cummings’ death. Says. Mfume also secured a seat in front of Cummings.

Mfume states that while much of the money Klacik has raised comes from outside the state, he is well known in the majority-minority district.

“I believe she can buy the district. Baltimore and the 7th Parliamentary District show that no matter how much money they put in, they aren’t for sale to her or Donald Trump,” Mfume said. I will. ..

Klacik’s profile began to rise last year after talking on Fox News about a social media post showing Baltimore’s trash. Mr. Trump later tweeted that the area was “not wanted to live by humans” and “a mess of unpleasant rats and rodents.” The tweet directed to the Cummings district, which was leading the president’s investigation at the time, became a national headline.

Klacik has further enhanced her profile with a recent ad on Twitter. First, she walks by a dilapidated building in Baltimore and asks: “Do you care about black life? The people who run Baltimore don’t.”

“It’s not just Baltimore. The worst place for blacks to live in America is in a Democratic-controlled city,” she said in an ad. “And blacks don’t have to vote for the Democratic Party.”

Mr. Trump emphasized the message on Twitter.

“Kimbury will work with the Trump administration to quickly revive Baltimore,” the president tweeted in August. “Don’t blow Baltimore, Democrats have destroyed your city!”

But Mfume says he hasn’t heard of how Klacik plans to improve the city. He says the president’s support for her is part of a larger strategy to seek support from black voters. Mfume describes her as “the darling of the tramper in the party.” They are delighted to see a black woman criticizing Democrats in the campaign. Still, Mfume quickly points out that Klacik does not live in this area.

“This is a really old snake oil salesman’s approach, you know:’I have all the cures. It’s in this bottle. Just drink it and believe me. And that’s what he brought to the American people, which she brought to voters in the Seventh Parliamentary District. But voters here are much smarter than Kim Clasique in that regard, “Muhoom said.

Democrats have a 2-1 advantage over Republicans throughout Maryland. The Democratic Party has a 7: 1 advantage in eight seats in the Maryland House of Representatives.

Some political observers have questioned Klacik’s ad, which resonates with black voters, especially against prominent black leaders like Mfume in areas that include a large area of ​​central Baltimore and the suburbs. ..

Chryl Laird, a professor of government and legal studies at Bowdoin College in Maine, co-author of Steadfast Democrats: How Social Forces Shape Black Political Behavior, believes the president can win the support of black voters. But this is not the case. It’s not a winning approach.

Laird said he would be insulted by ads if he lived in the district because he sent a message that black voters were heading in the wrong direction. The difficult situation in which they live is the result of continued support for the Democratic Party and systematic racism.

“Trump has come out openly as this problematic practice of their politics to put the Democrats together and put them off, essentially calling on blacks about what she sees and what he sees. I like the sight that there are black women who are willing to do that, “Laird said.

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