Republican McCarthy risks splitting the party by courting radicals in Omar’s spats | Republicans

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said on Saturday he “reached out” to the Democratic Party. Islamophobia comments About Ilhan Omar, a Democrat in Minnesota, was created by one of his parties, Lauren Boebert, Colorado.

Bobert apology She said she wanted to meet Omar in person, in response to her statement that she compared one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress to a suicide bomber.Omar Blame Remarks and calls for action from the party leader.

In a statement to CNN, McCarthy Said: “I talked to the leader [Steny] Heuer today helps facilitate the conference so that Congress can talk to each other and return to tackling the challenges facing Americans. “

However, McCarthy also faced criticism from within his own class after another protrump extremist, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia. Tweet She made a “good phone call” with McCarthy and liked “what he planned in advance.”

Green criticized McCarthy and was trying to question his ambition to be a speaker. Republican I will get my house back next year.

Republicans speaking anonymously To CNN McCarthy was described as a moderate, saying, “I took it for granted in the middle of the meeting.”McCarthy may have a bigger math problem [in the election for speaker] Moderate. “

Anonymous moderators said his wings of the party were more lumps, perhaps given Donald Trump’s dominance, and were angry with McCarthy’s militant hugs.

One such radical, Paul Gosar of Arizona, was this month Accusation For tweeting a video about his murder of Alexandria Ocasiocortes in New York-like Omar, a leading progressive and colored woman in Congress-and threatened Joe Biden.

Gossar has lost the commission’s duties.McCarthy Said He regained them under Republican speakership and offered the same outlook to the green. Stripped off Of her committee in February for racist, anti-Semitic, and generally instigating behavior.

McCarthy faced a call from Republicans who voted for a bipartisan infrastructure bill and the right to punish 10 who voted to impeach Trump in a deadly parliamentary riot.

The two who voted for impeachment, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, will retire next year. Major challengers are waiting for the rest, including Liz Cheney, Wyoming. Nonetheless, it is a strict conservative who split from the trampist over the attack on the Capitol.

On Saturday, Kinzinger criticized the call of minority leaders with Green, write in: “This is a real strength when Kevin McCarthy has to call a freshman for permission to maintain power. What did Kevin promise? People deserve to know.”

He also Said It was “for a while” because most of the “normal members … last talked to Kevin”.

Anonymous moderates who spoke to CNN said the party was on a “collision course” with itself because their side was “not so long”.

Earlier this week, Jackie Speier, a senior Democrat in California, said Said to the guardian “His caucuses were full of radical extremists who were very effective communicators to the right fringe,” McCarthy said.

“So they became the faces of Republicans. Kevin McCarthy is pulling him, so it’s better to put a brass ring in his nose.”

Republican McCarthy risks splitting the party by courting radicals in Omar’s spats | Republicans

Source link Republican McCarthy risks splitting the party by courting radicals in Omar’s spats | Republicans

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