Republican political giant and presidential candidate Bob Dole dies at age 98 | Republican

Bob Dole, many years Kansas In 1996, a Republican presidential candidate, the Senator, died. He was 98 years old.

Founded by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation – in a statement Dole’s wife, Former North Carolina Senator and Cabinet Official – Said: “It is from the bottom of my heart that Senator Robert Joseph Doll announced that he fell asleep early this morning. When he died at the age of 98, he had been faithfully serving the United States for 79 years.”

In late February, Dole announced that he was suffering from advanced lung cancer and would begin treatment. Upon visiting him, President Joe Biden called Dole his “best friend.” The two men have been in the Senate together for 23 years.

On Sunday, Biden said: floor.

“I saw in his eyes the same light, courage, and determination that I had seen many times in the Senate. We often objected, but he was with me and other Democrats. I didn’t hesitate to work. “

Citing Dole’s efforts in creating holidays in honor of Americans with Disabilities Act, the Social Security Commission, and Martin Luther King, Biden described Dole as “American politics like our minority.” I called it “house”. History, the heroes of war, and one of the greatest generations. “

“For me, he was also a friend who could find reliable guidance, or a humorous line at the right time to calm a frayed nerve,” he said.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ordered the flag of the Houses of Parliament to be half-masted.

Born in Russell, Kansas in 1923, Dole graduated from college to serve US infantry in World War II and was seriously injured. In italy I won a medal with bravery.

His wounds sacrificed the use of his right arm, but he entered state politics and soon became a Republican power broker, Kansas in the US House of Representatives from 1961 to 1969 and in the Senate until 1996. Represented. As a minority and majority leader in the Senate.

In 1976 he was a Republican candidate for Gerald Ford’s Vice President, and the incumbent president was defeated by Jimmy Carter in the elections. Notably, in a debate with Walter Mondale, Dole stated that all American wars in the 20th century were “Democratic wars.”

Mondale counterattacked Dole as “rich in his reputation as a hatchet man.” Dole denied what he said now and retreated. He finally admitted that he had gone too far.

“I was supposed to go to the jugular vein,” he said, “and I did it myself.”

He pursued Republican nominations in 1980 and 1988, and finally won the Republican nomination in 1996, 73 and 20 years after he got on the ticket.

1996 doll campaign. Photo: David Ake / AFP / Getty Images

It opposed Bill Clinton, a formidable activist seeking a second term.Democratic Party against the backdrop of a booming economy I won easilyBy 379–159 in the Electoral College and up to 9 points in the popularity poll, third-party candidate Ross Perot sacrificed the support of the doll on the right.

Doll received Both the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Medal of Honor of Parliament, the highest civilian honor in the United States.

During a ceremony in December 2018 in honor of former President (and Dole’s rival) George HW Bush, Dole appeared in front of Bush’s casket at the Rotanda of the Capitol. When the aide lifted him out of his wheelchair, Dole stiffened and paid homage to his former enemy.

Dole salutes the late George HW Bush's casket at the US Capitol in December 2018.
Dole salutes the late George HW Bush’s casket at the US Capitol in December 2018. Photo: Drew Angeler / Getty Images

A few years after Trump, Dole became widely seen as a figure from another era in Republican politics. On Sunday, political consultant Taraset Meyer, a member of the Anti-Trump Lincoln Project, said: Tweet: “I voted for Bob Dole’s president for the first time in 1996. A war hero with a keen sense of humor … another part of the once fine Republican Party has disappeared.”

However, Dole remained a loyal Republican soldier.This summer he Told USA Today Donald Trump “lost the election. I regret what he did, but they did,” and he himself was a “kind of Trump out,” but he still himself. I considered it a “tramper”.

In the same interview, Dole called Biden “a wonderful, kind, respectable, decent person,” but said he was too far to the left.

He also said: “I believe [America has] I lost something. I can’t get it, but as the greatest democracy in the world, we’re not just where we should be. And I don’t know how you fix it, but I hope there is a change in my life. “

On Sunday, Mitch McConnell is a number of highly partisan Washington warriors on the left who are responsible for America’s loss. Said: “No matter what their politics, anyone who sees Bob Dole in action must admire his character and his deep patriotism. I knew Bob well. Our people further praised Bob. “

Republican political giant and presidential candidate Bob Dole dies at age 98 | Republican

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