Republican pressure to support Trump increases

“A violent mob attacked the Capitol and was inspired by power-hungry politicians like Ron Johnson,” the narrator declared in an ad, with the party spending $ 63,000 a week on air. “Johnson should resign.”

The anti-Trump group Lincoln Project has promised to launch a fierce pressure campaign against Republicans who oppose proof of election results. The group is most focused on Republican Senators for the 2022 reelection, but Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and Texas Senator Ted Cruz will prove the results in the Senate. Leading the opposition also promises to make life difficult. ..

On Wednesday, the Lincoln project began broadcasting the first ad to attack Republicans to vote against the election results, proclaiming “This is your coup” in Mr. Cruz and Mr. Holy’s home media market. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, a minority leader, has spent $ 570,000 on advertising.

Another group, the Boot Texas Republicans PAC, is targeting Cruz’s donor in Texas. On Wednesday, it launched a new campaign called “Defund Cruz” and launched a website listing the names of all donors who donated more than $ 1,000 to Mr. Cruz’s political campaign. The group aims to pressure donors to demand that their money be returned.

“Ted Cruz is bleeding in his hands. Unless he now takes action to defend his political career, his top donors will do so,” said former Congressman Beto O’Rourke. Zack Maritz Texas Republican, head of the 2018 campaign and founder of Boot, said in a statement.

For more than four years, the Republican foundation has remained enthusiastic and loyal to Mr. Trump, and many lawmakers are still under pressure to confront Trump’s line. Less than a day after Republican Congressman Liz Cheney announced a voting plan to impeach Mr. Trump, a group of her colleagues began to move to expel her from leadership. I did.

Mr. Trump also has supporters in the donor community.

“It’s very hypocritical to try to break up with Trump because he believes he has instigated violence against companies that have elected Democrats and Republicans,” said Doug Deason, a Republican contributor to Texas. It was a target. “

Republican pressure to support Trump increases

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