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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-27 15:01:48 –

After surviving the most tragic Republican presidency of our lives, we are no longer surprised by the Republican threat of disrupting economic recovery and restoring American life under President Biden. Anti-American fringes came to dominate the party.

We have survived the worst. The economy collapsed and we were trapped in our homes for a year and a half as the Republican president failed to prevent the deaths of 600,000 Americans in a pandemic. The last thing we need now is for Republicans to throw sand into the cogs of American reconstruction.

But this week, the Senate Republicans blocked legislation funding the government under Biden, prevented the government from raising government bond caps, and Congress fought pandemics under Donald Trump, resulting in huge Trump taxes. I’m going to be able to pay trillions of dollars in the bills I’ve implemented to keep paying cuts made to overwhelmingly wealthy people.

Once again, Texas Senator Ted Cruz will lead a filibuster aimed at forcing the United States to default. Many other Republicans accused him of being an irresponsible jerk when Cruz failed in an attempt to destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2013 and tried it for the first time. Former Treasury Secretary George W. Bush said he threatened to destroy the economy in order to destroy domestic medical terrorism. John Bener, then Speaker of the House, described it as crazy.

Financial Armageddon?

Insane terrorists now dominate their party. Most Republicans, including minority leader Mitch McConnell, will vote for Cruz this week. But what hasn’t changed is that economic experts continue to warn that forcing the United States to default will have devastating consequences both domestically and globally.

Mark Zandi, Chief Economist at Moody’s Analytics, said: “Stock prices will be craters. We will all be instantly less wealthy,” said Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, saying that US defaults are “an incredible proportion of literally chain-like bigs.” It could cause a catastrophe immediately and damage the United States for 100 years. ” Interest rates will skyrocket in mortgages, credit cards, car loans, and borrowing by all levels of all businesses and governments.

The strangest part about Republicans refusing to raise a country’s debt limits is that no one in the party or the country really cares about government deficit spending anymore. In a 2013 Gallup survey, 20% of Americans found that federal deficit spending was the country’s biggest problem. In August, only 2% of Americans believed it.

Republican disaster scenario

This is the most likely explanation for the dramatic plunge in public concern about esoteric budget issues that even very few voters understand. The 2013 poll took place shortly after the Wisconsin parliamentarian Paul Ryan’s faction lied in 2012 as Vice President Mitt Romney’s running mate. The country was actually experiencing record growth.

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Ryan never really believed in his disaster scenario. Justifying the savagery of his tea party budget reveals social security, Medicare, Medicaid, ACA, food aid for hungry families, and other government interests for Americans in need. It was a political fraud by Ryan as House Budget Chairman.

Ryan was eventually exposed as a political fraud as Speaker of the House when he worked with President Trump and the Senate Republicans to pass the largest increase in deficit spending in history, as long as the Republicans, not the Democrats, were spending. rice field.

One of Ryan’s last official political actions was to pass Trump’s big tax cuts in 2017, spend $ 2 trillion in deficit spending, and make 80% of his profits in millions of dollars in 10 years. The wealthiest individuals in America, Trump and Ryan.

Unpopular tax cuts

It also made history as the least popular U.S. tax cut that Congress has ever passed, causing political backlash in the middle of 2018, returning a majority of Democrats to the House of Representatives, and chairing Nancy Pelosi. bottom. Ryan did not stick to political influence. He suddenly opposed running for reelection in 2018 and retired a much wealthier man from public office.

Immediate retaliation from voters in 2018 is unusual in politics. Republicans rely on increasingly shorter periods of attention to quickly fill their most outrageous acts, even in violent riots. They also know voters who have little interest in the complexity of economics.

Voters blame Biden for all the turmoil caused by the worst-case economic turmoil when the pandemic surges again as a result of Republicans preying on anti-bakers and discouraging intelligent public health measures. There is no doubt that it will be done. .. He’s the president, right? That would be a great offensive ad.

Republicans have threatened to shut down the government while keeping the economy hostage since Newt Gingrich chaired the House in the 1990s. Everyone has read all these apocalyptic quotes from economists about how suicide bomber politicians will destroy America in the next 100 years.

It never happens. Republicans are always retreating. Will they be crazy about not doing so?

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