Republican senators appear to be skeptical that the officer’s death was related to the January 6 attack.

Senator Ron Johnson sent two letters to Acting Police Secretary of the US Capitol, which appears to be questioning official accounts such as: Death of Brian Sicknick Officer This led to a verbal war with the department in connection with the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Parliamentary police said they shared his view that “the death of our officer could be used for political purposes,” and Johnson “could not address most of the questions in my letter.” I answered.

In the first letter sent by CBS News on April 22, Republicans in Wisconsin requested answers to the “misinformation” and “false reports” surrounding Sicknick’s death.

“The recent coroner’s ruling of Sicknick as a’natural death’questions the USCP press release of January 7, 2021. January 6, 2021,” said Johnson’s letter. ing.

When Parliamentary police announced Sicknick’s death on January 7, they said he had died from a “work-time injury.” However, DC’s inspection office said on April 19. Sicknick died of a stroke because of “acute brain stem and cerebral injuries due to acute basal artery thrombosis.”

Brian Sicknick

US Capitol Police via AP

In an interview with Washington Post, Chief Inspector General Francisco J. Diaz, said Sicknick had two strokes at the base of the brainstem due to an arterial blood clot. At around 2:20 pm on January 6, Sicknick was sprayed with chemicals outside the Capitol, the office said. He collapsed eight hours later and died the next night.

Julian Khater and George Tanios were arrested for attacks on Sicknick and two other police officers.

There was the first report that Sicknick was struck with a fire extinguisher. President Trump’s bullet each trial..

“The death of a police officer is a tragedy, and the use of the death of a police officer for political purposes or to create false stories is blameable, and the memory of the police officer’s family and police officers. It is contrary to. “

A spokesman for the Capitol Police said in an email to CBS News that he would not comment on the Senator’s letter: “The Pentagon does not participate in political debates. It is USCP’s long-standing policy not to participate in politics. It is. “

USCP sent a one-page response on May 6th, which Johnson provided for CBS News. The agency said that “our department is limited in what we can offer” due to criminal investigations and ongoing prosecution. However, USCP general counsel Thomas DiBiase also appeared to challenge Johnson’s criticism of their public comments on January 7.

“Sure, DCOCME [DC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner] The conclusion does not mean that Office Sicknick was not attacked or that the events in the Capitol did not contribute to his death, “DiBlase wrote.

He said he had not announced a release that Sicknick had been attacked by a fire extinguisher and that there was no contact between the USCP and the House of Representatives ammunition manager regarding Sicknick’s death issue.

DiBiase ended the response, stating, “I share your disappointment that the death of our officer could be used for political purposes.”

On May 13, Johnson sent a follow-up letter saying that the USCP’s answer was “incomplete” and that “most of the questions in my letter could not be addressed.”

“This refuses to answer questions that appear to be virtually unrelated to the criminal case against the two defendants charged with assaulting Sicknick,” Johnson said in a statement from the USCP. It’s not a good reason to justify. “

He then asked again the list of questions from the first letter.

Johnson tried to minimize Attack on CapitolAsked the Capitol Police to provide a complete timeline and description of Sicknick’s work activities from January 6th to his death. He is also seeking more information on why he said he died on January 7th from an injury inflicted on duty at the office. Details of false alarm claims that Sicknick was shot with a fire extinguisher. What information was shared with the Sicknicks about his death? When the House bullet each administrator contacts the USCP regarding the death of an officer. What information was provided to the FBI? Also, if the department wants to investigate how the January 7th release was developed and approved.

On Thursday, Johnson met Sicknick’s mother, Gladys Chic Nick“I can’t fully express my condolences for their loss … I promised to do everything I could to ensure that all of their questions were answered,” the Senator said in a statement. ..

Gladys Sicknick told Johnson during the meeting: “Watch a video of all these people and all the police officers they experienced to keep them safe.”

Republican senators appear to be skeptical that the officer’s death was related to the January 6 attack.

Source link Republican senators appear to be skeptical that the officer’s death was related to the January 6 attack.

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