Republican shakes over Donald J. Trump’s conviction

After Mr Ruskin read the accusation completely, the manager departed and left the matter to the Senate. The Senate was scheduled to reconvene on Tuesday at 2:30 pm and issue a subpoena to Mr. Trump to respond to the charges. Senators were expected to formally agree to the schedule for the coming weeks and pledge an impeachment oath dating back to the 18th century to practice “fair justice.”

According to people familiar with the plan, Mr. Trump’s new defendant lawyer, Butch Bowers, was said to be seeking at least one additional lawyer to join him. He also worked with Mr. Trump’s adviser Jason Miller in a public relations campaign.

Other aspects of the trial also began to focus on Monday. Senator Patrick J. Adams, acting mayor of the Senate, said he would preside over the trial last year, taking on the role of Judge John G. Roberts Jr.

The Constitution states that the Chief Justice of the United States will preside over any crackdown trials of the President or Vice President. However, it does not give clear guidance on who should oversee the procedures of others, including the former president, and Judge Roberts replays the time-consuming role of involving him and the Supreme Court in the political battle over him. It seems he wasn’t interested in doing it. Playing cards.

Its role was primarily ritual in Mr. Trump’s first impeachment trial a year ago. However, Mr. Rihi, a Democrat in Vermont, who chairs, can rule on important questions about the admissibility of evidence and whether the former president’s trial is permitted under the Constitution. He also holds his own vote.

The job could also have gone to Vice President Kamala Harris in her position as President of the Senate. However, Harris has obvious drawbacks in overseeing procedures that are almost certain to be seen as an effort by Democrats to use newly discovered powers to punish rival party leaders. did.

Democrats could be subject to similar accusations from the right, especially if Mr. Lee Hee’s presence in Days makes him controversial, but authorities have no clear alternative without Chief Justice. Said not. In a statement, Mr. Rihi categorically insisted that he take his trial oath “very seriously” in order to carry out “fair justice.”

Maggie Huberman Contributed to the report from New York, Emily Cochrane And Adam Liptak From Washington.

Republican shakes over Donald J. Trump’s conviction

Source link Republican shakes over Donald J. Trump’s conviction

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