Republican Thomas Massy accuses Christmas gun photo | Michigan

A U.S. MP posted a Christmas photo of what looks like himself and his family a few days after four teenagers were killed in a high school shooting. Michigan..

Thomas Massy Kentucky Tweet:

Ethan Cranby, 15, faces terrorism and murder charges after being shot at one of the deadliest schools in the United States this year. His parents were arrested Saturday at Oxford High School near Detroit in connection with the killings of Tate Maia (16), Hana St. Juliana (14), and 17-year-old Madisin Baldwin and Justin Schilling. I did. Six other students and one teacher were injured in the shooting on Tuesday.

Massy, ​​who represents a solid Republican district, posted a photo of himself and six others holding machine guns and firearms similar to semi-automatic firearms. Some of them look much like fully automatic firearms.

Under US law, machine guns and other weapons are restricted to specially licensed military, law enforcement, and civilian weapons manufactured prior to May 1986.

Massie’s campaign manager, Jonathan van Norman, didn’t immediately reply to a comment request via Twitter.

Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth has accused fellow Kentucky posts. “I’m old enough to remember that Republicans shouted that trying to protect people from gun violence after a tragedy was insensitive,” Yarmouth tweeted. Seems to mention the request.

“I promise that no one in Kentucky is an insensitive dislike,” he added. The shooting in Oxford, Michigan was the latest in a series of fatal incidents that sparked intense debate about school safety, gun control, and gun rights.

Michigan judges set $ 500,000 (£ 378,000) on bail for Ethan’s parents each after authorities arrested the couple after Manhunt on Saturday.

James and Jennifer Cranby appeared for their placement in a video link from prison and pleaded not guilty to four cases of unintentional manslaughter.

Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald said he heard that Crumbles had withdrawn $ 4,000 from ATMs, leaving the danger of flight while authorities were searching for them.

“These are not the people who can guarantee that we will return to court on our own,” McDonald said.

Authorities began searching for Crumbles after the prosecutor said he was charged with manslaughter in connection with the shooting on Friday. Prosecutors said the Crumbles bought a pistol for their son as a Christmas present and ignored the warning signs, including the day of the shooting.

Judge Julie Nicholson said on Saturday that the couple were “concerned about the dangers of flying” after not appearing in Friday’s prosecution. Crumbleys lawyers say the couple has never tried to evade the authorities.

“Our client was absolutely willing to accept himself,” one of the lawyers said at a hearing on Saturday. “It was just a logistics issue.”

Detroit police chief James White told reporters Saturday that the couple was found hiding in a commercial building on the eastern side of the city. He said they weren’t invaded the building, but were put in by someone. White said the couple’s car was outside the building.

Four days before the shooting, Ethan went to a gun shop with his father, where James Cranby bought a 9mm pistol, the prosecution said.

Ethan posted a photo of the gun on social media, wrote, “I got my new beauty today,” and added a heart emoji. The next day, his mother posted that the two were “testing his new Christmas gift” at the shooting range, McDonald’s said.

The prosecutor detailed many other warning signs she said her parents failed to act.

On November 21, teachers found Ethan searching for ammunition online on her cell phone and warned school officials. His mother later sent him a text message. You have to learn not to get caught. “

On the morning of shooting, the teacher discovered a picture of Ethan. There are pistols, bullets, and bleeding people next to the words “blood everywhere,” “my life is useless,” and “thinking doesn’t stop.” help”.

According to a letter sent to the school community on Saturday by Oxford community school director Tim Sloan, Ethan told the school counselor that he was designing a video game and designing a video game as a career. He said he wanted to pursue it.

“The counselor never believed that a student could harm others based on his behavior, reaction, and attitude that seemed calm,” Throne said.

According to McDonald’s, school officials summoned the Crumbles and instructed Ethan to seek counseling within 48 hours. She added that her parents did not resist the idea of ​​taking her son home, looked for his backpack, or asked about guns.

Republican Thomas Massy accuses Christmas gun photo | Michigan

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