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President Biden, who called the presidential election a battle for the American soul, made one of the most ardent speeches of his political career in Philadelphia last week, saying, “The most dangerous threat to voting and We called for the perfection of our free and fair elections. history. “Biden has pinpointed and frankly identified the person responsible for this national assault on American democracy.

“We ask Republican friends in Congress, states, cities, and counties to stand up for God and help prevent this coordinated effort that undermines elections and election rights. Isn’t it embarrassing? “

The problem with our democracy is that the overwhelming majority of Republicans elected at all levels of government have already answered Biden’s direct question loudly, “no.” Last month, each of the 50 Republicans in the US Senate voted to block even discussions on a democratic bill to set minimum national standards to protect the right to vote for all Americans. This is when Republican state legislators across the country have passed what Biden has correctly described as a vicious new form of voter oppression and election perversion.

“The state legislature wants to make it harder for you to vote,” Biden said. “And if you vote, they want to tell you that your vote isn’t counted for some reason. They rejected the final count and their preferred candidate lost. I want the ability to ignore people’s will in some cases. “

Everyone knows the cause of this obscene perversion of American democracy. Republican President Donald Trump’s defeated criminal activity found 11,780 votes to overturn the defeat in Georgia’s election to Biden, by casting enough Democratic votes to do the same in Arizona. Prompted the Republican state electoral authorities to commit. The new Republican state election law will make Trump’s beloved dream come true. They will end ballot counting under nonpartisan election managers and empower Republicans to overturn election results they dislike.

Note: PolitiFact, fact check column Milwaukee Journal SentinelWhen the Republican legislature, called Biden’s accusation, loses “too speculative to give a truth-O-meter rating,” whether it is true or false. I want to overturn the election results. However, it has confirmed that many state election laws proposed or passed by Republicans across the country, including Wisconsin, are increasing the likelihood. That’s certainly what Trump urged Republicans to do. There is no guess about that.

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Big lie

“The big lie (the ridiculous lie that Trump won in the landslide) is exactly that. It’s a big lie,” Biden declared. “In the United States, if you lose, you accept the result. You obey the Constitution. Try again. You don’t call the facts a” fake “and try to stop the American experiment just because you’re unhappy. It’s not a politician spirit. It’s selfish. It’s not democracy. It is a denial of the right to vote. “

The most pointless debate in politics today is whether elected Republicans actually believe in Trump’s absurd lie that he won the apparently defeated election. It really doesn’t matter.As Kurt Vonnegut wrote Mother night, Properly, a novel about Nazi German double agents: “We are pretending we are, so we must be very careful that we are pretending. Maybe the Republicans are pretending to oppose democracy for the support of Trump’s rebels, or if a violent mob returns to the Capitol again with ropes, baseball bats, and hockey sticks. It doesn’t matter if we save our lives. They are the ones they are impersonating.

Challenge filibuster

Biden, Democrats, and all other US issues require the assistance of 10 Senate Republicans to pass federal law that protects voting rights under current Senate filibuster rules, and are now There is nothing. Democrats who control the Senate may change the filibuster rules, but there is another problem. At least two Democratic senators, Joe Manchin in West Virginia and Kyrsten Cinema in Arizona, are openly opposed to the change in filibuster.

So democracy is dead because the two Democratic senators prefer filibuster to democracy, right? Almost none. Republican attempts to block American voting have sparked a major backlash against Republicans in recent years. In 2018, the Democratic Party of Japan gained control of the House of Representatives with the highest turnout in the mid-term elections in 50 years. The highest turnout in history ended Trump’s angry anti-democratic presidency a term later. Another major turnout in 2022 is the natural reaction to national assault on Republican parliamentary votes.

Large turnout can overwhelm even the most corrupt Republican gerrymandering in the House of Commons elections. State-wide senate elections cannot be gerrymandering. This gives the Democrats a great opportunity to increase their Senate majority by swapping Republican Senate seats in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, and Florida.

Do you know? Maybe Democrats don’t even need Manchin and Cinema to save democracy, end filibusters, and pass Biden’s agenda.

Joel McNally

Joel McNally is a nationally award-winning newspaper columnist and longtime political commentator on Milwaukee’s radio and television. Since 1997, Joel has been writing a column for Shepherd Express and has been an editor for two years.

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July 19, 2021

9:31 am

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