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Republicans expected to strip Rep. Liz Cheney of leadership role in Wednesday vote – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-05-12 07:32:16 –

In a private vote on Wednesday morning, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, Republican, she said. Rebellious speech from the floor of the Chamber of Commerce..

Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and the third-highest member of the House Republican rally, is a candid critic of President Donald Trump and impeaches him after the January 6 riots. He is one of the 10 Republicans who voted for. At the US Capitol.

Shortly after she voted for impeachment, several Republicans challenged her leadership role.But she finally Survived that first vote After the House minority leader Kevin McCarthy came to her defense.

Since that vote, Cheney has doubled her claim that Republicans are out of Trump’s influence, despite his continued popularity within the party. She is one of the few party members to claim that Trump’s lasting false allegations of widespread fraud in the 2020 elections are lies.

“Keeping silence and ignoring lies makes liars bold,” Cheney said in a speech from the house floor on Tuesday. “I don’t participate in it. I sit and shut while others relinquish the rule of law and join the former president’s crusade to lead our party on the path of undermining our democracy. I’m not going to watch over you. “

Other Republican leaders, such as House Minority Whip Steve Scallis, commented on Cheney. Weaken the party’s attempts Oppose the agenda of the Biden administration.

Reports that McCarthy’s confidence began to shake in Chenie surfaced earlier this month. Axios Obtained an off-air recording of McCarthy during the Fox News segment.

“I think she has a real problem,” McCarthy said, Axios said. “I had it with her. You know, I lost confidence …. well, someone just has to make a motion, but I think it’s I think it will probably happen. “

Her fate was probably sealed, so Cheney spoke on the house floor on Tuesday to defend her actions.

“Our obligations are clear. All of us who have sworn must act to prevent the elucidation of democracy,” Cheney said on Tuesday. “It’s not about policy. It’s not about partisanship. It’s about our obligations as Americans. Keeping silence and ignoring lies makes liars bold.”

Congressman Elise Stefanik, Republican-New YorkIs one of the top candidates to replace Cheney as chair of the conference. A former moderate Republican who came to power in the party by pivoting to embrace Trump’s policies and rhetoric.

Republicans expected to strip Rep. Liz Cheney of leadership role in Wednesday vote Source link Republicans expected to strip Rep. Liz Cheney of leadership role in Wednesday vote

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