Republicans once called government a problem – now they want to move your life | Robert Reich

I’m old enough to remember when the Republicans supported small government and Ronald Reagan thundered “Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.”

Republicans today claim to still support small government, but do the exact opposite: government invasion everywhere.

Republicans Prohibition of masks at school.. In Iowa, Tennessee, Utah, Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and South Carolina, public schools prohibit students from wearing them.

Republican states are in the process of outlawing abortion. Texas banned abortion 6 weeks after pregnancyBefore many women find out that they are pregnant. Other Republican states are trying to do the same.

Republicans Forbid teachers to tell students about the American racist past.. The state legislature from Tennessee to Idaho bans all references to racism in the classroom.

Republicans Force transgender students to play sports or use the bathroom according to their gender assigned at birth.. Thirty-three states have submitted over 100 bills aimed at curbing the rights of transgender people.

Nationally, Republicans make it difficult for people to vote.So far, they have enacted Over 30 laws Reduce access to polling stations, voting days, and absentee ballot availability.

This is not limited to small government, people. On the contrary, these Republicans have specific idealisms, and they are currently imposing those views and values ​​on citizens who have different views and values.

This is a big government on steroids.

Many Republicans use the word “freedom” to justify what they are doing. It’s garbage. What they are actually doing is denying people their freedom – freedom to be safe from Covid, freedom to their own body, freedom to learn, freedom to vote, and participation in our democracy. Freedom to do.

A few years ago, Republicans had a coherent idea of ​​limiting the role of government and protecting the rights of individuals. I didn’t agree with it, as many other Americans did. But at least it was honest, sensible, and consistent. like that, Republican It played an important role in the discussion of what we wanted for ourselves and America.

Today, Republican politicians do not have a coherent view. They only want to be reelected – even if it means abusing government to advance narrow and anachronistic values ​​– invading and teaching the most intimate aspects of life. What is needed for people to exercise their most basic freedoms, which interferes with what they can learn, endangers and bans public health.

This is not just hypocrisy. Republicans now pose a clear and current threat to even the values ​​they once supported.

Republicans once called government a problem – now they want to move your life | Robert Reich

Source link Republicans once called government a problem – now they want to move your life | Robert Reich

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