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Portland, Oregon 2022-08-05 13:46:08 –

(The Hill) — Republicans are sharpening their knives, but the Senate is gearing up for a long weekend. Democrats are rolling out a special process to pass the party’s sprawling health, tax and climate plans without buy-in from across the aisle.

Republican leaders took aim at Sen. Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) and Kirsten Cinema (D-Arizona) on Friday, a day before the Senate was ready to begin reviewing the plan. At a press conference, he was outraged by the Democratic Party’s efforts. , two major centrist holdouts to support the effort.

“So what about the Lama vote?” Sen. Lindsay Graham, RS.C. The senator referred to the upcoming voting marathon. “It’s going to be hell.”

“They deserve this. While applauding Joe Manchin and cinema for standing up to the radical left, they are empowering laws that make life more difficult for the average person,” said Graham. rice field.

Senators, along with Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), have threatened not to vote on key fundraising measures before the September deadline when government funding expires.

Democrats are trying to pass Republican inflation-cutting legislation using a complex procedure known as a budget adjustment. This is a massive legislative package that advances a major piece of President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda.

The procedure, which Republicans used to pass former President Donald Trump’s signature tax bill in 2017, allowed Democrats to bypass the usual 60-vote threshold and vote in a simple 50-50 split Senate. A majority will be able to pass the bill.

But to use this ruse to pass legislation, Democrats will have to overcome a series of hurdles before they can bring the bill to the floor for a vote. This includes what is called a voting alama. It’s a long and tedious voting marathon where senators can submit a series of amendments for a chance to influence legislation before the final vote on the bill as a whole.

Republicans have spent the last few days strategizing on how to make the Democrats feel as much pain as possible in the upcoming election campaign, promising to put tough votes into parties that can be used as ammunition for the upcoming election season.

At a recent press conference, Sen. John Barraso (Wyoming), a member of the Republican leadership, said the Republican Party would focus specifically on areas such as “energy, inflation, borders and crime.”

Many Republicans have kept their cards near the vest on what amendments they plan to submit during the voting marathon.

Senator John Kennedy, La., was pressed Thursday by The Hill about what he would offer.

“My colleagues will have plenty of time to read my amendment,” Kennedy said. “But I don’t believe in leading with a chin.”

Despite overwhelming opposition to the bill as a whole, Republicans expressed hope that some of the amendments would be attached to the bill in its entirety, in case the bill could make it more difficult to pass in the House. has expressed.

Still, there are concerns among Republicans about the possibility of Democrats introducing so-called wraparound amendments, which could remove all amendments adopted during the session.

Second-ranked Republican Senator John Thune (SD) acknowledged the issue at a news conference on Friday, questioning whether Manchin and Cinema would vote for such an amendment.

“Both said they would not vote after feeling they had voted for the wraparound amendments in America’s Rescue Plan, so they felt misunderstood by their leaders at the time that they would not vote for either of them. again,” said Thune.

The Hill has reached out to Manchin and Sinema’s offices for comment.

Republicans vow ‘hell’ for Democrats over economic bill Source link Republicans vow ‘hell’ for Democrats over economic bill

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