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Researchers receive a $ 500,000 grant to test new approaches to recovering damaged muscle after injury

Researchers at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center received a $ 500,000 grant from the Department of Defense over a three-year period to test a new strategy using mitochondrial transplantation therapy to restore neuromuscular structure and function after injury. did.

Inadequate or incomplete muscle repair after an injury can delay or interfere with normal functioning and reduce quality of life. Mitochondria are the major organelles (or intracellular structures) that produce energy, but they are also important for many biological processes, including muscle growth. Traumatic muscle damage causes mitochondrial damage, reducing the availability of energy needed for repair. Researchers believe that adequate supply of healthy mitochondria is essential to the complete recovery process after muscle damage.

Stephen E, Professor and Dean of UTHSC College of Health Professions. Dr. Alway, FACSM, is the principal investigator of this initiative. Collaborators include Dr. James Carson, Senior Vice Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at Medical Colleges. Junaith Mohamed, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Diagnostic and Health Sciences, Medical College; Dr. Michael Dechenes, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Kinetics and Health Sciences, William & Mary University, Virginia.

Our preliminary data suggest that mitochondrial therapy is a new treatment with great potential for rapid recovery of muscle damage. This is an exciting approach that can help restore damaged muscles after trauma and allow the injured to resume a complete and healthy life. “

Professor and Dean of Stephen E. Alway, PhD, FACSM, UTHSC College of Health Professions

The experiment is performed in a preclinical mouse model in which mitochondria carrying fluorescent tags from donor tissue are transplanted into damaged muscle. Effectiveness of Mitochondrial therapy is evaluated by assessing the structure and function of muscles and nerves after injury. The project is expected to have therapeutic implications for injured muscles and has applications for returning military personnel to fight the arena and restoring civilian function after surgery, injury, or trauma.

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Researchers receive a $ 500,000 grant to test new approaches to recovering damaged muscle after injury

Source link Researchers receive a $ 500,000 grant to test new approaches to recovering damaged muscle after injury

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