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Corpus Christi, Texas — 7-year-old Pryce O’Brien has a dream. Asking first graders if they can slam dunk basketball, they are obvious.

“Close,” he replied with a smile.

But recently, his dream collapsed when someone (or something) pierced the backboard of a basketball goal on the court where he and his friends played.

“Whenever they broke it, I felt it was really sad. I don’t know what happened, but it hurts people,” said eight-year-old Nate Gonzalez. Told.

Price’s parents have now purchased and set a damaged basketball goal.

His mother, who is teaching the children, said they did it because there wasn’t enough space in the flower bluff for the children to play.

She is calling on city leaders to do something about it.

“Instead of spending millions of dollars on the huge tourist attraction Call Park, they were able to spend money to set up small parks in all these communities in the city,” Kristen O’Brien said. rice field. “So kids can go out and play again instead of sitting inside.”

That’s what Corpus Christi’s Temporary Park and Recreation Director Dante Gonzalez said the city wanted to receive.

He oversees 196 parks in the city, but the facilities they provide may not match the needs of people living nearby.

Therefore, Gonzales encourages residents to participate in public input sessions to inform the needs of different regions about the park as city leaders are creating new budgets.

“Our plan is to have all the parks equipped for that particular area,” he said. We take what citizens get our attention. “

The city will not replace O’Brien’s basketball goal as it turns out not to be the property of the city.

The park where it is located was replaced by another park at Naval Air Base-Corpus Christi a year and a half ago.

But Gonzales says another Flower Bluff Park could become the home of those hoop dreams in the future.

“We can certainly start seeing it,” he said. “But basketball courts can be quite expensive because they create basketball courts, so you may be considering the next fiscal year.”

Price wants to have a new basketball goal to play faster than that. That’s why he offers the allowance money.

“I’m going to save for something new,” he said.

Resident calls for more outdoor amenities in Flour Bluff Source link Resident calls for more outdoor amenities in Flour Bluff

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