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Resident of ‘cursed’ Tigerland apartment killed in latest homicide to unfold at the complex | Crime/Police – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-07-23 15:45:00 –

It was a familiar scene for the dilapidated Tigerland apartments.

Residents died on the pavement outside the front door, and blood soaked into the front door mat while police gathered shell casings and interviewed their neighbors.

The murder on Friday morning shows the latest act of deadly gun violence in Sandpiper’s apartment at 4700 blocks on Tigerland Avenue in Baton Rouge. After a double murder in 2019 and a deadly police shooting last year, lawyers in the East Baton Rouge district declared the property annoying and urged owners to strengthen their security measures.

The owner has probably agreed to add a new surveillance camera that captures the latest shootings. This is the sixth Baton Rouge murder case this week alone, as the murder rate remains unprecedented.

A dilapidated Tigerland apartment complex suffering from violence, including double murders in October and deadly police shootings in the country …

Neighbors said they heard several gunshots around 10 am on Friday. Some residents woke up to the sound of horror and prayed for their safety. And again, they trembled with the violence that continued to appear at their doorstep.

“I wasn’t trying to get out,” said a woman living next to the victim. She appeared hours after the shooting when another neighbor knocked on her door. Then she slowly walked outside, sitting on the nearby steps, smoking, and staring at the large pool of blood just off the front door.

“He was wearing that hat this morning,” she sadly pointed to the black baseball cap in the parking lot.

She said the victim lived alone. Police have not yet disclosed his identity while waiting for notification to his family.

The detective placed some evidence markers in the parking lot.

Hiller Moore III, a lawyer in the East Baton Rouge district, was already familiar with the property and its violent reputation and spoke with investigators. He said the owner could return to court — especially if the new surveillance camera turns out to be a problem.

Baton Rouge police officers shot and killed the fugitive while trying to detain him overnight in a Tigerland apartment complex.

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The shooting on Friday took place just outside Unit 3. The next unit was the scene of a deadly police shooting last year. Baton Rouge police, standing at the entrance to Unit 2, shot and killed a suspected domestic violence who pointed his gun at a police officer. He was faced with arrest after allegedly attacking his girlfriend.

Police shootings took place months after the two were shot dead at Unit 1.

When Moore asked the judge to declare real estate a legal obstruction, he cited rampant crimes on the premises, including 195 police service requests since 2016. These requests included batteries and reported rape, drug activity, firing, and murder, according to a recent petition. The building is relatively small, with 14 units and the outside is visibly devastated.

A neighbor of a recent murder victim said he wanted to move because of too much violence.

The landlord, on his part, acknowledged the challenge of eliminating potential criminals and balancing compassion for his often poor and edge-dwelling tenants. He lamented his position on the declaration of nuisance at a court hearing last year.

The Sand Piper Complex is behind the Tigerland area, and many buildings have deteriorated over the past few decades as LSU students support the new complex outside the neighborhood. Meanwhile, crime and violence have increased, and landlords have diminished their insight into choosing tenants.

It was 1971, when the sun was rising in Tigerland. The large dwellings that spring up provided LSU students with what newspaper ads explain …

A real estate manager in Sandpiper’s apartment, who spoke to an advocate reporter after a police shooting last year, said something needed to change. Still, she added that everyone needed a place to live. She refused to say anything more after Friday’s murder.

“I think this building is cursed,” she said last year. “Many people I’ve seen since I lived here have died from overdose and shooting … you can’t believe it.”

State law allows courts to order unsolicited properties to be closed for up to five years. The judge can also request the owner to take other reasonable steps to correct the nuisance without closing the facility.

It is not yet known if this latest murder will be the last straw in Sandpiper’s apartment.

Rebecca Riley had no reason to worry when her husband answered the door and agreed to help her neighbor on Wednesday night …

Resident of ‘cursed’ Tigerland apartment killed in latest homicide to unfold at the complex | Crime/Police Source link Resident of ‘cursed’ Tigerland apartment killed in latest homicide to unfold at the complex | Crime/Police

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