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Residents clean up after EF2 tornado touches down in Abbeville Co. – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-05-04 20:29:39 –

Abbeville, South Carolina (WSPA) – An EF2 tornado broke out in Abbeville County on Monday, injuring one person.

According to the National Weather Service, the tornado tore a path of about 30 miles through Abbeyville County.

The tornado knocked down a tree and damaged the building when it was above the ground for more than 50 minutes from near Roundsville to just northwest of Greenwood.

The NWS said one was injured when he was blown off his back pouch.

The tornado wind speed reached 125 mph.

Abbeyville County Fire Marshal Tim Williams said Tuesday the National Weather Service and county officials were assessing what had happened.

Some of the destruction can be seen along Old Douglas Mill Road and Stevenson Road.

Williams said he received his first call around 2:30 pm on Monday. County officials believe the storm may have started in the Roundsville area.

Emergency response personnel reported that at least two homes were destroyed, but several huts and barns were also damaged. According to Williams, 10 homes could have mild to moderate damage, including window damage and roof damage, according to reports.

One man said a tree had fallen into his house, but when that happened he was working.

“Well, apparently it comes across a neighbor. This tree here was on top of the house. They called me to work and when I got home it was on the other side of the roof,” Robert said.・ Machael said.

The trees landed at Machaer’s house and crossed his bedroom and bathroom.

Machaer said he has lived at home since 1980.

“And it destroyed everything in the backyard. My carport and everything was crushed to the ground. The wind took the tops of these trees and put them in the backyard,” Machaerus said. “We have experienced some really terrible storms, but there was no such thing before.”

Power lines and tree branches were scattered throughout his property. Families and church groups helped clean up the neighborhood Machaerus and others.

“We quit our job and went home. The road around here was blocked and my husband told me to go through Hodges, so I did,” said neighbor Amy.・ Ricketts said. “And when I got home, our house was thankfully damaged. The Lord just protected us. We had power, but to our neighbors Has suffered a lot of damage. “

Ricketts’ husband and father had equipment to assist the victims.

“It’s really great to hear all the chainsaws and tractors, and all the crew and people coming out of the church and helping the neighborhood,” Ricketts said. “And that’s Abbeyville’s way. They just get together around people.”

Others say that such damage has never been seen before.

“I didn’t expect a direct blow in itself. I was surprised. It just fell into the area,” Williams said. “Several tornadoes have occurred in the last three years, but not so much.”

“This isn’t bad. The storms and winds get stronger, but even Stevenson, who came home for lunch, the trees and things are very damaged. I’ve never seen it this way in my life,” Ricketts said. say.

But through all of that, some said they were grateful for one thing.

“We are alive and happy,” McElrath said. “This can all be replaced.”

“Who knows what happened if it was evening or night,” Williams concluded.

Williams also said a tree had fallen into the car on the way to the destination, but no injuries were reported.

National Meteorological Service Confirm that the tornado has landed In Elbert County, shortly before Twister in Abbeyville County.

Both tornadoes were caused by the same heavy thunderstorm.

Residents clean up after EF2 tornado touches down in Abbeville Co. Source link Residents clean up after EF2 tornado touches down in Abbeville Co.

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