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Residents complain about unruly dog in Upstate neighborhood – Valley Stream, New York

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Oconee, South Carolina (WSPA) – Residents are speaking out about dogs called “aggressive dogs” in the Westminster district.

Officials at the O’Connie County Sheriff’s Office said the dog was confiscated on Friday, but some people in the area are wondering why it took so long.

“There was a lot of aggression, and in fact it escaped quite often, and the male dog bite,” said Suzette Snediger.

“We are prisoners of our house because we are afraid of these animals,” she said.

Snediger lives on Jenkins Street and claims that his neighbor, the Pitbull, has bitten people many times.

According to Snediga, the Westminster district is surrounded by schools and children.

“Two blocks to this junior high school with these dogs. Two blocks to elementary school, many pedestrians, including my daughter, are walking down this road. I’m scared to pass those dogs every weekday. We were afraid and had to tell them to go in the other direction. Their safety, “Snediger said.

According to the O’Connie County Sheriff’s Office, three cases have been reported in the last five months.

“After discussing with the Park Ranger, here are three case files about dogs. The last file is the actual setting of a dangerous dog hearing dog with a Justice of the Peace scheduled for Monday.” , Said Master Deputy Jimmy Watt of O’Connie County. Sheriff’s office.

Watt said in December that the dog was running loose and was warned by its owner. He said at another time the dog bite someone and was given a quote.

“Apparently this particular dog, one dog, was involved, but it was actually distributed at some point,” Watt said.

Watt said the charges were withdrawn because the dog was no longer there. Watt somehow the dog came back and he said he bit another person on May 15th. He was detained on Friday after the owner violated the order of the Justice of the Peace.

“It was done because of the fact that the dog was supposed to be strapped while on the premises, according to the owner of the Magistrates’ Court,” Watt said.

“In my understanding, the dog may have been fenced in some sort of backyard in the backyard, but according to the owner of the Justice of the Peace, the dog should have been tied to property, but so. It wasn’t. That’s the reason for the dog, “he said.

“It should never have reached that. It feels like a failure of our animal management and it feels like a failure of the judicial system,” Snediger said. “In my opinion, animal control should have caught the dog from the first bite. I don’t know what the protocol is. Please answer.”

“According to what I was told by animal management under the county ordinance, dogs must be kept on the premises and under the control of their owners, specifically because this happened within the city limits of Westminster. I don’t know. Our park ranger didn’t necessarily know what the city ordinances were about. Of course, cities may have their own ordinances, “Wat said. Told.

“In general terms, dogs are said to be the property of the owner and must be under the control of the owner,” Watt said.

I talked to the owner’s off-camera. She is responsible for not tying the dog to the leash.

“Hey, I’ve done it. I took him out, but I didn’t tie him up. I was with him, but he didn’t tie him up.” The owner said.

The woman said she didn’t consider him malicious if the dog bite someone.

“When the whole neighborhood is afraid of them, they absolutely consider me a vicious dog,” Snediger said.

The O’Connie County Sheriff’s Office is currently sending a message.

“What we say is to obey the law and the county ordinances. Put the dog in your property and under your control. Otherwise, the dog will obviously leave the property. The dog owner may have some responsibility, as it could definitely attack someone, “Wat said.

Snediga said he wanted to do something.

“My concern is why it took so long to get the dog out of the control of these people and out of our city,” Snediger said. “I didn’t get any results, so I’m hoping for a stricter result. There was a quote, but that’s nothing. I need stricter rules.”

The O’Connie County Sheriff’s Office said there was a dangerous animal hearing on Monday.

Residents complain about unruly dog in Upstate neighborhood Source link Residents complain about unruly dog in Upstate neighborhood

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