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Residents of the entire Isabella Lake region were lifted on Monday from an evacuation order imposed for a French fire of about 27,000 acres, and individuals returned home then and on Tuesday, and their homes survived the fierce flames. I thanked him because he wanted to know.

The brown and white dwellings stood clearly on the darkened ground that had been thinned. This is evidence that firefighters have stopped swallowing many homes in a wildfire.

Signs and posters along the Highway 155 Corridor said “Thank you, firefighters.”

This feeling was repeated by the residents of Pararanchi, Thomas and Connie Hyun. Hyun-soo moved to this area about three months ago. Originally from Los Angeles, I chose a place to escape the busy urban lifestyle.

However, it seems that hectic activities did not escape from the Hyun family. The growth of a French fire that began on August 18 west of Lake Isabella threatened their homes and evacuated them as their area was engulfed in harmful smoke and wiped out their breathing capacity.

“I have never had (that) experience in my life,” said Thomas Hyun. “So I was scared. No one told me what to do.”

They were afraid to catch the coronavirus, so they loaded their SUVs with essentials and avoided public areas. According to Thomas, the hotel was full and forced to camp in an SUV near the campsite. The heat almost overwhelmed Connie, and on hot days he hunted down the air conditioner.

“I feel like I’m dying because I couldn’t find the air conditioner,” Connie said.

With this experience, they are even more grateful to the firefighters. Connie saw a crew in heavy gear endure the extreme heat and fight the scorching flames every day.

“I’m really grateful,” she said.

Connie acknowledges his neighbor’s achievements by providing some expectations and emergency response guidelines.

“… I don’t know where to go without talking to anyone,” she said.

They watched the news enthusiastically and prayed that their home would last longer than the dire situation, Thomas said. The couple had fire insurance, but still wanted everything to remain. Thomas said the first house on the street burned down and the second house went out of power. The only thing the couple could do was pray.

Thankfully, their home was saved.

However, Kern County Fire Department Director Bill Stairs said all crew members experienced mixed emotions as containment levels rose to 65% and all evacuation orders for affected residents were lifted. rice field. Many returned to their intact homes, but many others lost their homes altogether, he added.

He also thanked the large influx of support demonstrated by the Khan River Valley community and said this positive attitude showed its resilience. Cheryl’s Diner raised donations to feed firefighters, hairdressers offered free haircuts, and tattoo parlors promoted free tattoos to all firefighters.

“For many firefighters, it’s almost overwhelming,” Stairs said. “With so many large-scale fires in the state, it’s refreshing to see the end of the incident, and it’s uplifting to be able to achieve it.”

Many variables influenced the decision to lift all evacuation orders, Stairs said. These include allowing the water to recover, eliminating the dangers left over from the fire, and ensuring that the flames do not reignite, he said. The reason for canceling an order is to secure Cedar Creek. Their scattered containment lines were connected, reducing the chances of more flames, he said.

Containment remains primarily on the north, south, and east sides of the fire, according to the California Inter-Ministry Management Team. McFarland, chief of operations for Great Basin Team 6, said that as of Tuesday morning, containment lines had also been set up around the entire fire.

Cheryl’s Diner waitress Sandi Johnstone said about $ 6,000 was donated to the fund to feed all firefighters. More and more people continue to donate, including customer Karen Antrim. After finding a crew enjoying the meal, Antrim distributed a total of $ 80 on two separate occasions.

“They are very much appreciated here,” said Antrim, an 11-year-old from Woford Heights. “They saved our entire town.”

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Residents express relief, gratitude as French Fire evacuation orders vanish | News Source link Residents express relief, gratitude as French Fire evacuation orders vanish | News

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