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Residents fed up with monkey noises, racial slurs being played by neighboring home – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-09-24 19:29:45 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — Some residents of Salem Lakes Park’s dead end are fed up with their neighbors after saying he has cursed them from behind the front door for over a year.

In the past, Jannique Martinez said that banjo music was played loud on neighbors’ speakers and rocked the house. Recently, Martinez said after warning police about the music, her neighbors retaliated by playing racial slurs and monkey sounds.

“Whenever we left home, the monkeys began to bark,” Martinez explained. “And it’s very racist and disgusting.”

Martinez recorded a portion of the audio on his mobile phone. She says the noise and slurs continue even when school-aged children are playing outside.

“My son is afraid of him. Frightened, frightened,” Martinez said of her child. “N word situation … they came to me and said,” Mom, what’s that? ” I didn’t expose the children to it. I didn’t think they needed to learn what this meant. “

Not only her family feels harassed by their neighbors. Other families in the dead end are also playing songs outside.

“When I open the front door, the lights flash, music and” my song “sound. As soon as they got to the driveway, it flashed and they also had a particular song, “Martinez pointed to another house next door.

In addition to the sound, neighbors are worried about the eight home security cameras in his possession.

“We are always under surveillance. We know a total of eight cameras,” Martinez explained.

A Virginia Beach police spokeswoman told WAVY News that she had responded to a total of nine complaints about her neighbor’s disgust. Seven of these calls were annoying complaints and the other three were related to parking / traffic complaints. So far, there have been no criminal accusations against the neighbor in question.

Police tell 10 that you will have to make a complaint on your side Meet specific criteria Before the possibility of criminal accusation is at the table.

Still, Martinez feels like nothing has been done to reassure her and her neighbors at home.

“I actually … felt a little helpless. I went to a justice of the peace, so I went to a civil court and talked to a lawyer. I own to do it the right way. I did everything. “

Neighbors were told that there were subtle boundaries about when police could actually intervene. Playing racist terms in a recording may not meet the boundaries.

“By law, it’s just a statement or phrase, or he hasn’t done enough or physical harm or intimidation to my family,” Martinez said. “Why do I have to go that far before I can do anything? People don’t have to live this way. I spent 11 years in the army. My husband also in the army. We fought for this country, but no one still fights for us. “

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Residents fed up with monkey noises, racial slurs being played by neighboring home Source link Residents fed up with monkey noises, racial slurs being played by neighboring home

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