Residents in shuttered Waukesha condo building to move out Thursday – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-12-07 08:21:06 –

WAUKESHA-People who lived in Horizon West Condo have moved, and soon the furniture left in the building will disappear.

Residents are allowed to move things three at a time starting Thursday. The building contractor says the owner can move out between 8am and 12pm. Each resident can take up to 4 hours to travel.

The building was evacuated last Thursday because engineers reported that the building had structural damage and was in danger of collapsing quickly. According to the Wokisha Fire Department, the building has been fortified and the risk of collapse has disappeared, but it is not possible to live in it.

Contractor Steve McGuire says the building is recoverable but needs to be rebuilt from scratch. The 6-story tower can be demolished.

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