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“Sometimes here it smells like a corpse.”

The Spiket River will flow over the Meshuen Falls on December 27, 2020. Jim Davis / Globe Staff

Garbage on the banks of the Spiket River in Lawrence is more than just a harmful annoyance.


“Sometimes it smells like a corpse here,” said resident Anne Cooney recently. Said Boston 25 News. “They throw it in the trash and pollute it, and I don’t like it.”

Pollution has been a long-standing problem, according to residents, but more and more people are now complaining about the 17-mile riverside odor that runs from New Hampshire to the Merrimack River.

A Boston 25 News reporter found a propane tank, toys, mattresses, and plastic lawn chairs in the shards visible from the bridge on Haverhill Street on Monday night.

“I have [sports] There’s a ball, a propane tank, a lot of trash, and it’s terrible, “Dawn Costigan, who keeps his 11-year-old son from going near the river, told the outlet.

Tuesday’s Nor’easter is expected to hit New England In the rain and wind. When the river overflows, floating debris pollutes the streets, according to Costigan.

“It floods here, and then you get all the backwashes and all that annoyances coming our way,” she said.

Established Rocky Morrison Clean River Project In 2005, to purify and protect 45 miles of the Merrimack River in Massachusetts.

Morrison, who believes he must deal with pollution, told Boston 25 News that his office has received many complaints about the Spiket River.

“They call our office and always complain about this, but they don’t have much money to enter such a small river,” he said.

The news station contacted Lawrence’s deputy mayor, Kendry’s Basquez, but did not receive a response on Monday night.

Costigan told the outlet that garbage was a problem — and so was the message it sent to her son.

“People don’t care,” she said. “People are lazy and disgusting, and they don’t care that they are ruining our environment.”

Residents say this Lawrence river stinks Source link Residents say this Lawrence river stinks

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