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Resolution for those still in prison on nonunanimous jury convictions will have to wait | Legislature – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Sponsors and local lawyers in the state.

Democratic Rep. Randall L. Gaines, who sponsored the bill, withdrew the bill from consideration as the house was full on the long weekend of Memorial Day. It was not possible to determine if the vote to release the affected prisoners needed to be unanimous.

Gaines made so many important changes that the law was given a new number, House Building 1077.

HB1077 allows anyone convicted of a unanimous jury trial prior to 2018 to apply for review by the Board of Directors. The five-member committee appointed by the governor includes three retired appeals or Supreme Court judges, a retired district attorney, and a retired public lawyer. The five examine the proceedings file by examining factors such as the strength of the state proceedings, the nature of the crime, the quality of the lawyer, the signs of racial animas, the length of the deliberation, and whether it is the result of a jury. Consider. Voting to approve. If a member of the board agrees, that person may qualify for a parole hearing that may lead to release.

Democratic Cabal …

District lawyers argued that all five members must agree to release those sentenced to life imprisonment for violence, including unanimous jury murder and exacerbation of rape. Raised safety concerns.

“I thought this was a really good bill,” said Lauren Lampert, managing director of the Louisiana Bar Association, Thursday night. “We need to reassure victims and survivors of the integrity and finality of crimes against the community.”

Other courts in the federal or state system do not require unanimous consent of judges sitting on the panel. LaPlace’s lawyer, Gaines, said the proceedings from the State Court of Appeals to the US Supreme Court will be decided by the majority of judges sitting on the panel.

“I understand their concerns,” Gaines said. “But it’s a contradiction. You can’t have an impartial system if a unanimous vote is needed to correct an unanimous conviction from a unanimous jury.”

“DA wants a complete veto and no one trusts it,” said Voice of the Experienced, a New Orleans-based advocacy group representing imprisoned and recently released people. Will Harrell, a policy adviser, said.

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Approximately 1,500 prisoners still behind the prison, convicted by a unanimous jury that turned out to be unconstitutional, will have the opportunity …

From the beginning, VOTE was against the HB1077 framework. According to Harrell, VOTE wants the prosecutor to review the case and decide which prisoners should be released and which prisoners should be retried.

“The only legitimate remedy is to retry or approve these improper convictions,” said one of the affected prisoners, according to a reaction quote sheet distributed by VOTE. rice field.

The unanimous jury was founded by Louisiana lawmakers during the Jim Crow era. He said this method would make it easier to convict a black defendant. In a state-wide vote in November 2018, Louisiana voters removed the unanimous jury from the State Constitution.

In April 2020, the US Supreme Court ruled that the system was unconstitutional and banned its use from that moment. The following year, the High Court will allow the state to decide whether to apply the ban to prisoners who are still in prison after being convicted by a jury who did not agree to the conviction. Decided.

Over the past few years, the Legislature has been unable to agree on how to manage retroactive cases and has devised an investigative commission led by Gaines to consider alternatives.

In the meantime, two separate Louisiana Courts of Appeals have ruled differently on whether unanimously convicted people are eligible for a new trial.

The Louisiana Supreme Court held a discussion earlier this month in the case of the Reginald Reddick. He was convicted of a 10-2 verdict of his second murder for killing Almoliere in the Parish of Plaquemins in 1993. This decision is expected sometime in the summer.

Gaines said he would introduce a bill to support it next year, no matter what the High Court says.

Resolution for those still in prison on nonunanimous jury convictions will have to wait | Legislature Source link Resolution for those still in prison on nonunanimous jury convictions will have to wait | Legislature

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