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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-20 16:15:18 –

Many West Milwaukees move from summer to autumn Residents begin preparing lawns and gardens for the winter. Think about how these preparations affect Lake Michigan. Phosphorus and other nutrients that come from lawn care practices can lead to algae outbreaks that are harmful to amenities in the area!

If you plan to fertilize your lawn, first do a soil test to find the amount and type you need. Excess fertilizer can run off or erode on bare soil, so fertilize only when and where it is needed during the drying period.

Consider leaving mowed grass on the lawn instead of chemical fertilizers. Cutting the lawn high makes it easier for the grass to catch the cutouts and for the soil to absorb nutrients. This also prevents the cutouts from causing nutrient contamination!

You can help West Milwaukee keep our lawn green, not our lake! For more information

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