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Restaurant workers are competing to get the vaccine

During the pandemic process, some of the most dangerous activities were missed by many Americans. I scarfed nachos, dated, and shouted sports scores to a group of friends at a crowded sticky bar in the restaurant.

Now, as more states relax indoor dietary restrictions and expand access to vaccines, restaurants are transforming from cheerful facilitators of everyone’s enjoyment to embarrassed frontline workers and new businesses. I am struggling to protect myself from the turmoil.

“It was really stressful,” said Julia Piscioniere, the server for. Butcher & Bee At Charleston. “People are okay with masks, but that’s not what they used to be. I think people take the restaurant and its workers for granted. It’s been sacrificed.”

The return to US economic vitality lead By restaurant that suffered the largest loss last year. The industry’s latest hurdle is to balance the economic benefits of returning to normal time with worker safety, especially in states where theoretical vaccine access exceeds actual supply.

In many states, workers still can’t get shots, especially in areas where they weren’t included Priority group This spring. Immigrants, who make up the majority of the restaurant workforce, are often afraid to sign up, worried that the process might legally involve them.

In some states, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has removed mask obligations and capacity limits in facilities that it still considers to be a potentially dangerous setting, putting employees at even greater risk.

“It’s important that food and beverage workers have access to the vaccine, especially as regular customers are not guaranteed to be vaccinated and it is clear that they will not be masked when eating or drinking,” he said. Alex Jahangil, Chairman of the Nashville Coronavirus Task Force. “This was a major concern for me. We are balancing the competing interests of immunizing everyone as soon as possible before more and more restrictions are lifted.”

Texas servers handle all of the above. The state severely restricted early shot eligibility, but last week it opened access to all residents over the age of 16 and created overwhelming demand for slots. The Governor recently withdrew the state’s loosely enforced mask obligations, allowing restaurants to leave and serve all visitors without restrictions.

Anna Tauzin, Chief Revenue Officer of the Texas Restaurant Association, said:

The trading group is working with healthcare providers to secure days for industrial workers at mass vaccination sites in the state’s four largest cities.

The industry is taking the problem with its own hands elsewhere.

In Charleston, Michael Shemtov, who owns several spots, turned a food hall into a restaurant worker’s vaccine site last Tuesday with the help of a local clinic. (The observation seat after the shoot was at a sushi restaurant, and a festive beer was turned over at an adjacent pizzeria.) Pisioniere and her partner used it enthusiastically. “I was very relieved,” she said. “It was very difficult to make a reservation.”

In Houston, a legacy restaurant that owns the original Ninfa and Anton’s famous po’boys is running two vaccine drives for all staff and their spouses, with owners protecting workers and protecting customers. I believe in guaranteeing.

Some cities and counties are also working on this issue. Last month, Los Angeles County set aside most of its five mass site reservations two days a week for an estimated 500,000 workers in the food and agriculture industry, half of whom are restaurant staff. In Nashville, the health sector has chosen to secure 500 spots daily for next week, especially for people in the food and hospitality industry.May be able to have a restaurant I need Their workers will be vaccinated in the future.

Many corporate sectors have been hit by a coronavirus pandemic, but there is widespread agreement that hospitality has been the hardest hit and low-wage workers have helped some. maximum Blow. For example, in February 2020, restaurant working hours increased by 2%. that’s all The previous year was good before. Two months later, these times were cut by more than half.

Time and wages have recovered somewhat, but the industry continues to suffer from rules that most other companies, including airlines and retailers, didn’t have to face. The reason shows a sad and unfortunate reality that never changed. Eating indoors, by its very nature, helped spread the virus.

Recently report According to the CDC, after masks and other restrictions were lifted, on-premises restaurants found a daily increase in case numbers and mortality after 40-100 days. Although other settings have become very popular events such as funerals, weddings and large indoor events. many The outbreak of the community is their roots At restaurants and bars.

“Masks usually help protect people in an indoor environment, but to remove them when eating,” said Christine K. Johnson, a professor of epidemiology and ecosystem health at the University of California, Davis. “.

Even if restaurants are a very active part of the American food chain, not all governments consider restaurant workers to be “essential.” cuisine For those in need — throughout the pandemic. The National Restaurant Association has urged the CDC to encourage workers in the food service industry to be included in the priority group for vaccination, although not all states follow the guidelines.

Almost every state in the country Accelerate vaccination program, Targets almost all adult populations.

“Most people in our government consider restaurants to be a non-essential luxury,” said Rick Bayless, Chicago’s renowned restaurant owner. “I think it’s short-sighted. Mankind is its core society, and when we deny that aspect of our nature, we hurt ourselves. Restaurants are their very We provide important service. It is safe to do, but vaccination should be prioritized to minimize the risk to our staff. “

Texas did not designate workers outside the medical and educational sectors as early vaccinations, but it is now open to everyone.

Michael Fojtasek, owner of Olamaie in Austin, said: “Currently, state leaders have decided to lift the mask obligation without giving them vaccination opportunities, causing this very difficult access problem.” He is currently in the takeaway sandwich business. He said he had switched to and would not resume until all workers were shot.

However, many restaurant owners say they are on track with the rules, and customers often lead them there. Don Miller, owner of County Line, a small chain store in Texas and New Mexico, said:

In addition, his place continues to need masks and keeps them in the hostess station for those who “forget”. But most of his young workforce can wait for a jab for a long time. “I think it’s important for them to be vaccinated,” he said. “I didn’t resonate with them because that age group wasn’t available.”

There are far more Latino migrant workers in the restaurant industry than most other companies, and some fear that vaccination registration will complicate resumption. Many workers at Daniel Leoni’s Phoenix Restaurant, Breadfruit and rambha, Refused unemployment insurance and avoided signing up for shots. “Before making a reservation, you need to enter your name, date of birth, and email address,” Leoni said. “These are deterrent questions for those who try to be unobtrusive.”

In Charleston, Mr. Shemtov was inspired by the description of the immunization program in Israel. This was believed to have been successful, partly because the government vaccinated the scene. “If you can’t make a reservation, take me.”

Other restaurants make sure workers know how to sign up, find the rest of the shots, and spend hours networking with their peers. Some offer vacations for shots and a recovery period for side effects.

“We want them to not have to choose between vaccine time or payment,” he said. Katie BatonOwner of Curate and Labodega in Asheville, NC

Still, some owners haven’t seized the opportunity. “If we went out of business because we were one of the few restaurants in Arizona that wouldn’t reopen, that would be the case,” Leoni said. “Nothing is more important than the health and safety of others.”

Restaurant workers are competing to get the vaccine

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