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Atlanta, Georgia 2020-11-19 19:33:00 –

Secretary of State Brad Rafence announced Thursday the results of a risk-limit audit of voting for the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. This result confirmed the original result when Joe Biden was announced to have defeated the state.

The Georgia race margin was particularly tight. This meant that subsequent audits would have had to manually aggregate all votes completely. The audit results confirmed that the machine count accurately portrayed the Georgia winner.

“Georgia’s first historic state-wide audit reaffirmed that the state’s new secure paper voting system accurately counted and reported results,” said Lafence Purger. It was. “This is a credit to the efforts of the county and local election authorities, who quickly carried out and completed these critical missions in a short period of time,” he added.

“The first state-wide audit in Georgia should successfully identify the winners of the selected contests and give voters confidence in the results,” said Ben Adida, Secretary-General of VotingWorks.

“We are proud to work with Georgia in this historic audit. The difference between the reported results and the complete manual aggregation is within the expected error rate of hand-counted votes, and the audit was successful. “I did,” he added.

Georgia has a very narrow margin of victory and is required by law to have a full audit of its post-election results in November. Secretary Lafence Purger chose to focus the audit on the presidential election to ensure clear and concise results. A complete manual aggregation of all votes in Georgia was performed to meet the thresholds required for the audit.

Following the risk limit audit, Joe Biden was reaffirmed to lead President Donald Trump of Georgia.

During the audit, an error was found, reflecting the various counties where the original count had an error because not all memory cards were uploaded. These counties have uploaded all memory cards to reauthenticate their results. This gave a more accurate final result.

The data from the audit of the results of the original machine contained differences that were well within the expected margin of error for counting human votes. According to a 2012 survey conducted by Rice University and Clemson University, the average error rate was about 2 percent. However, the counties in Georgia did not exceed 0.73%, and most counties showed no change in the final tally.

A margin of less than 0.5% means that the president can request a recount after proof of the result, so another recount is possible.

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Results for the statewide audit reaffirm Biden’s victory over Trump in Georgia | News Source link Results for the statewide audit reaffirm Biden’s victory over Trump in Georgia | News

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