Results of Virgin Galactic SPC EQ22021

Virgin Galactic passenger rocket-powered aircraft VSS Unity, carrying Richard Branson and its crew, was released on July 11, 2021 from a video on the edge of space above Spaceport America near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA. Start climbing with a still image.

Virgin Galactic | Via Reuters

Virgin Galactic After the market closed on Thursday, it announced the results for the second quarter and announced that it would resume ticket sales. Prices start at $ 450,000 per sheet.

The company also announced that its next space flight test, carrying members of the Italian Air Force, will be targeted from Spaceport America, New Mexico, in late September.

Virgin Galactic shares surged 6% in after-hours trading from a closing price of $ 31.53.

Virgin Galactic reported an adjusted EBITDA loss of $ 56 million in the second quarter, slightly higher than the loss of $ 55.9 million in the previous quarter. Scientific research experiments onboard the May space flight test generated $ 571,000 in revenue in the second quarter.

The company conducted two space flight tests this quarter. First debut from Spaceport America, New Mexico.. Second flight Founder carried Richard Branson Three other mission specialists testing the cabin of the vehicle..

The company’s leadership has previously announced that it will fly two more tests on the VSS Unity spacecraft. In the first test, four more “Mission Specialists” were on board, and in the second test, flight members of the Italian Air Force were on board.Branson announced his former Virgin Galactic CEO after his space flight George Whitesides will fly in the company’s next space flight testAs CNBC reported last month, the plan seems to have changed in the current planned Italian space flight.

Space travel companies are conducting space flight tests as the final step in vehicle development with the goal of launching passenger flights in early 2022. The company has booked about 600 tickets for future flights, which sell primarily between $ 200,000 and $ 250,000. each.

Virgin Galactic offers three different sales services for space travelers. This is your chance to buy a single seat, book a package seat for couples, friends, family, or book an entire flight. The company said it would initially prioritize Virgin Galactic’s “important list of early handrazors” and open a “subsequent priority list” to new customers.

The spacecraft VSS Unity was designed to carry six passengers in addition to two pilots, but Virgin Galactic said that space flight with Branson was a “fully crew” launch. confirmed.

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Results of Virgin Galactic SPC EQ22021

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