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Wichita, Kang (KSNW) -The retired Air Force Master Sergeant has served the country for over 26 years. Mike Rodgers said he would start over. He graduated from high school in 1985 and joined the Air Force in August of the same year.

“Thank you for what you have because they are all Third World countries,” Ret said. Air Force MSgt. Mike Rodgers said.

He has spent more than 4,000 days earning Challenge Coins throughout his career.

“They will just call you and say you did this. This is what we are trying to do for you.”

Rogers was built many times, and in retrospect he noticed that his Air Force career began early.

“Move people from base to base and get all the household items, tickets, and everything you need to move.”

“We basically work together to coordinate each other’s schedules and take care of each other.”

Rogers also made many moves in the 40th Airlift Squadron.

They deployed for four months and then went home for four months.

“We were really a family. We were all deployed together,” Rogers said. “No matter where you are, you are a family.”

Rogers was just below the sergeant, so all his missions kept him busy.

“I have the same responsibilities as him, but he goes further into the countryside and I go back and take care of everyone else.”

He took care of everything from paperwork to allowing the crew to win medals in a few operations.

“We will carry anything from passengers to the Army, Marines, anywhere, inside and outside the battle.”

He also said they carried supplies for the Air Force.

Rogers got the hardware abroad, but said it wasn’t as rewarding as meeting his family every time he returned home.

“The whole family will see you on the plane.”

Rogers becomes emotional when talking about those sweet reunions, and when he thinks about the day he achieved his highest rank, MSgt.

“Suddenly I was bombarded by 20 people. I did. No, I didn’t. So I saw online, and I did, and my commander went in and out. ,return home.”

Rogers was the scheduling director for the 22nd bombing group.

“Currently, five people run their own store and are in charge of the entire squadron.”

Again, there were a lot of moving parts.

“We enjoy training our crew and record flight times,” Rogers said. “Track all their training and flight times.”

He issued quite a few flight permits and assembled one to remind him of those days.

“I was in charge of all the refueling and confirmed that they were all achieved.”

He achieved his career in the Air Force, and when he retired, he got a special photo signed by many who made a lot of sense to him.

“For everyone I worked with, it just sends chills to your back.”

His Challenge Coin collection proves that he has always been willing to go beyond the demands of his obligations.

“It gives me pride in the work I do well.”

When he first stationed at McConnell, he met his wife Cali, which is the base where he also retired.

“Most families depended on each other to take care of the home front.”

During his service, Rogers and his two children were named Family of the Year at Aberdeen International Airport.

Rogers laughed when he looked back at how everything started and said he didn’t realize he was spending so long in the Air Force.

“Twenty-five years after my first mission, I really liked this and re-enlisted. Before you knew it, we were 10, 14, 16 years old, and then I’m sticking this out. increase.”

Ret. MSgt. spent more than 4,000 days deployed Source link Ret. MSgt. spent more than 4,000 days deployed

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