Retailers ration contraceptive pills as demand spikes – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2022-06-28 09:24:56 –

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Some of the largest retailers in the United States distribute over-the-counter emergency contraceptives as demand surges following a Supreme Court ruling that the constitutional rights to abortion have been overturned., The Wall Street Journal Write. CVS Health and Walmart restricted the purchase of missing or out-of-stock pills on major retailer websites on Monday morning. CVS limited purchases to three. Wal-Mart had some unlimited pills available, but only if they didn’t ship until next month. The number of tablets available this week was limited to 4 or 6. Tablets are often referenced and sold under the Plan B brand without a prescription.

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Retailers ration contraceptive pills as demand spikes Source link Retailers ration contraceptive pills as demand spikes

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