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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sonya Frausto owns Ten Acres Pharmacy in Sacramento and, like many others, is under pressure to secure well-trained staff for the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. I will.

In fact, we easily searched online for COVID vaccine jobs and found a long list of pharmacies looking for workers. That’s why Fraust encourages people with healthcare backgrounds to get vaccine training.

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“You really have to do home training, live training, computer training, and 20 hours of training to practice,” says Frausto. “It’s important to have this large amount of information as the patient asks questions, as all this information is packed into this training.”

Frausto and her staff receive more than 30 calls a day from people asking about vaccines.

“I think one of the first questions I had to answer over the phone was the first day,” said pharmacy technician Amory Eilander.

And that need goes even further than workers who can give shots – they need people who can manage the lines, check in patients, and monitor them for side effects. is.

“I’m looking for a health department, and I’m looking for a volunteer clinic, so basically everyone is looking for these people for money, right?” Fraust said.

Because of that need, retired nurse Laura Hess was trained in the COVID-19 vaccine and was able to join the front lines and help immunize people.

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“This was a great opportunity for me to give back,” Hess told CBS13.

She is with other retired nurses, paramedics and dentists at the Vaccine Clinic. But first, they had to be trained to learn how they are preserved and the nuances of each vaccine, including possible side effects.

“It’s a way of giving back. Also, participating in the team’s efforts. We’re working together. We’re all together,” said retired dentist Waichan.

This is a community effort to ensure that neighbors are healthy and protected.

“I’m excited. We have to wipe out this pandemic, so whatever we can do to help,” said Islander.

“It’s the warm and vague feeling you feel after you’ve been vaccinated,” Frausto said. “When I feel like that, no matter how much I make it on any stage, I think it makes me feel better if I’m doing the right thing and taking care of others.”

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California Public Health Service COVID-19 Call Center Dedicated to healthcare providers to answer training requirements and registration questions.

Retired Nurses Join Frontlines As Sacramento Pharmacies Push For Trained Vaccinators – CBS Sacramento Source link Retired Nurses Join Frontlines As Sacramento Pharmacies Push For Trained Vaccinators – CBS Sacramento

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