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At this time in indian cricket MS Dhoni name comes after virat kohli, ms Dhoni has more fan than virat kohli in India, mahendra singh dhon has given 2 worldcup to India and all trophy in the cricket.

Recently MS Dhoni has done his hair transplant thisnincame to know when I was watching Mahendra singh Dhoni IPL video than i realised his donor area is damange and some 1500 grafts has been extracted from his donor area, then I looked at ms Dhoni hair line which was changed and filled with hair as earlier ms Dhoni’s baldness grade was 1, in one grade only he has done his hair transplant just because ms Dhoni is big celebrity in India and he will have to to advertising shooting and baldness will not look on him, that is why ms Dhoni decided to for hair transplant and in Oct-Nov 2019 he took his hair transplant surgery in India from unknown clinic.

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MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni) is being claimed on social media that he has undergone his surgery before IPL.

new Delhi. MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni) is known for his batting, great captaincy and unmatched wicketkeeping. However, along with this MS Dhoni’s hairstyle is often discussed. Thousands of people make haircut like Dhoni. Dhoni’s hairstyle often makes headlines in the media. Meanwhile, a big claim is being made on Dhoni’s hair on social media. There is a discussion on social media that Dhoni has recently done his hair transplant.

Dhoni got a hair transplant done!

The news of MS Dhoni Hair Transplant’s hair transplant news 18 Hindi does not confirm anything but it is being claimed on social media that his hair was falling and that’s why Dhoni has resorted to hair transplant. It is claimed that Dhoni suffered hair loss from the front part of his head. So Dhoni resorted to hair transplant. It is being told that Dhoni has done a hair transplant using FUE technique wherein each hair is removed from the back of the head and he is applied to the place of baldness.

MS Dhoni got a hair transplant done?

It has been claimed on social media that after the hair transplant, the hair on the back of Dhoni’s head has reduced. This only happens after the FUE technique. Recently, Dhoni came to Chennai for IPL preparations in which he kept a different hairstyle. After which discussions started on Dhoni’s hair transplant on social media. Let me tell you that many cricketers have already done hair transplant. Which also includes Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir. Cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle also got new hair done by transplanting hair.

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