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Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe campaigns downtown Petersburg on Memorial Day weekends, jokes at beauty salons, leads the epic performance of “Happy Birthday,” and dances on the sidewalk. The enthusiasm was fully demonstrated by showing off.

“I want everyone to come back here in Virginia and know that they will be stronger than ever. We will lead the country out of this COVID crisis,” he told a crowd of supporters and spectators and named him. I started chanting.

Aiming for the second term, McCorriff has gained an unmistakable lead in polls, name recognition, support and funding for Tuesday’s five-man Democratic primary. But the question faced by voters in the primary is whether a political veteran with decades of experience is the right person at the moment in the face of deeply divided and volatile change.

In Virginia, two years after McCorriff resigned, in 2020, the Democratic Party took full control of the state government, radically transforming gun control into police reform, legalizing marijuana, and raising the minimum wage. We pushed forward and changed the situation that was once definitely in the red. Made the state outlier in the south.

McCorriff is an archaic politician who worked on President Jimmy Carter’s reelection campaign and later led the Democratic National Committee. If he wins the nomination, he will face a tough Republican challenger in Northern Virginia who has huge personal assets to support former President Donald Trump and his campaign. Let’s.

Two major adversaries of McCorriff-the respected veteran Senator and the energetic former state representative are both looking for a chance to become the country’s first black female governor.

Virginians are better than the two “politicians who have no contact with the millionaire,” Jennifer Carroll Foy, who resigned from the House of Representatives last year and focused on governor elections, said in an interview.

She doubled her line of attack on a campaign trail at Hampton Roads earlier this week.

“Richmond has many representatives of wealthy and connected people, but what about our community?” Carol Foy, 39, was killed by police on Virginia Beach in March. Said when he appeared with the father of a young black man. “We need someone who goes to church, worships where we worship, goes to school, breathes air, drinks water, and understands the hardships we are facing.

State Senator Jennifer McClellan blamed McClellaf in a recent debate, saying the Democrats need candidates to “stimulate and expand” the base.

McClellan has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2006 and has been working hard for many years to develop and implement many of the reform laws that define Virginia. Her campaign has spoken to more than 100,000 voters, and Virginia citizens can be confident that they are ready for change.

“This is not a moment of conventional knowledge. We need someone who is not a candidate for conventional knowledge,” McClellan, 48, said in an interview.

The five Democratic disciplines also include Lieutenant Colonel Justin Fairfax and Del Lee Carter, who break away from established politics, state-wide universal health care, and compensation for blacks and blacks. We are embracing even more drastic social changes, such as the indigenous Virginians.

Opponents of McCorriff like to point out that he lost in the Democratic primary in his first run in 2009 and won the 2013 general election by only two points. They say he puts the party at risk in a rare off-year election that is scrutinized as a leader in national midterm elections.

Voters like the nonpartisan “never Trump” Richard Averit also say: He is a landowner along the road in the now scuttled Atlantic Coast pipeline that McCorriff helped during his first term. is. He donated to Carol Foy and volunteered. He said he was impressed with her achievements, “Grit”, and her early promise not to take money from lobbying powerhouse Dominion Energy.

“I really believe she will vote to represent people, not businesses,” said Averit, who predicted that if McCorriff was nominated as a candidate, he would lose the general.

64-year-old McCorriff promises to build the best economic and education system in the United States if re-elected, with 350 elected, including regional leaders, Governor Ralph Northam and nearly half of black lawmakers. It has gained widespread support from the officials who have been appointed.

He also has immeasurable gratitude for his role in helping the Democrats regain the majority of the House of Representatives in 2019.

“No one has worked hard,” said House Speaker Eileen Fillercorn.

In an interview outside the soul food restaurant in St. Petersburg, the former governor defeated Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. Building a broad coalition.

“I’m the one who has been proven in the campaign to be able to do that,” he said.

This is a sympathetic message for voters like Petersburg’s minister, George CW Lions. He was impressed with the wide range of Democratic candidates this year. However, Lions said he chose McCorriff because of “experience and the track record of those who have had it before.”

Lions said voters would comment on Tuesday as to whether McCorriff is trying to get in the way of others who offer a new perspective. But personally?

“I want a landslide victory,” he said.

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