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Dr. Arfat Jawaid is a Lahore-based otolaryngology (ENT) surgeon from Pakistan. He specializes in cosmetological and functional rhinoplasty. With his flare in art and his passion for surgery, he has acquired the skills to make people happy and confident in their appearance. His aesthetic is vibrant in his work and goes beyond the basics of changing the shape of the nose. He is the author of several research articles published in respected medical journals. He also has a book on preparing for otolaryngology practical exams, published by the National Book Foundation. He has presented his work at various national and international conferences. He loves to teach and believes in sharing knowledge. He regularly conducts training sessions, live surgery demonstrations and training workshops. Dr. Arfat Jawaid is well known for the personal healing journeys his patients experience. He personalizes every patient and offers a bespoke plan that gives every patient unique and very satisfying results. He believes that cosmetic surgery is one of the most important and emotional decisions in anyone’s life, and he has succeeded in making it the most enjoyable and memorable for his patients. He uses his talented skills and a highly competent team to understand the individual needs of every patient. He is known for using state-of-the-art technology and state-of-the-art facility-based evidence to become Pakistan’s favorite rhinoplasty surgeon. In this episode of Tee Zee Talks, Dr. Arfat introduces the entire concept of rhinoplasty. Included in the procedure from initial consultation to post-surgery care. He also touches on different types of noses and how individual approaches change depending on the shape of the nose, treatment goals, and ethnic differences. It also explains medical tourism, social taboos about cosmetic surgery, and why cosmetic surgery should be done. All videos and photos used in this video are real patients of Dr. Arfat Jawaid and agree to be posted on Dr. Arfat’s social media. Hope you enjoy the story, find it beneficial. Dr. Arfat Jawaid has a presence on popular social media and his amazing work can be followed on the following platforms: Website: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Snapchat Username: rhinoplastypak Android App: Music Credits: ► Creator Credits: Jarico-Island: ► Jarico-Island :.

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