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“RHOD” has been officially suspended and recorded the first exclusive interview with Dr. Tiffany Moon and Dr. Dandora Simmons to hear their thoughts!

Dallas real housewife Was officially suspended later Five seasons And two of the stars of the season Dr. Tiffany Moon, 36, and Dandora Simmons, 52 is focusing on the news now that it has begun. “Honestly, I’m relieved that I first felt when I found it,” said Dr. Moon. Hollywood Life Only for us Housewife podcast, Watch out for Puh-Lease! “That is, in the best possible way, it really hit me physically, mentally and emotionally. It took me a lot of time to leave my family because I had to remember. During that time, I worked full time. To the hospital. “

Dandora, who has been participating since Season 2, was a little more surprised when he received the call. “Honestly, I wasn’t completely shocked,” shared Dandora. “But it was a very tough year for all franchises. COVID status. “Everyone had to pivot and understand what would happen next. Some of the women who really enjoyed working with us miss it, so we continue our friendship. We’re taking a break so we can take a break. If you can’t take a break — I think this is a reset, so I’m pursuing other things and about all the wonderful things that have happened in the last few years I’m glad I could take a break to think, it’s okay if it continues while I’m in RHOD, otherwise God will open another door. I really trust it and believe.”

Not only did COVID-19 affect “RHOD”, it also affected almost all franchises with production outages and positive tests. The sick Dandora and Tiffany, who are fighting the illness as frontline workers, even felt hurt by their reunion as cast members. Brandy Redmond, 43, and Kary Brittingham, 51, virtually taken because Curry’s test was positive on arrival from Dallas and Brandy sitting next to her on a trip from the South.

later Reunion, Bravo fans were stunned when the news of the pause hit, as rumors swirled that Season 6 filming was already underway. “No, we met again with a nosebleed on national television. That was my last scene on television,” Dr. Moon revealed. “There were multiple accounts posting when we came back.”

While The future of the show Remaining completely unknown, Dr. Moon and Dandora quickly said that if they were to return to the screen in the near future, the answer would be “never say.” “If Bravo wants to come back to the show and come back to me, the door is always open. Certainly I will come back,” shared Dandora. “I did this season, and if they get it back in another year, two or three years, I’d like to think about it depending on the living conditions at that time. I have a specific part of it. I liked it, I didn’t like the particular part, but I would like to consider it, “Dr. Moon added. “I always didn’t know. The situation would have to be right. To be honest, I was always standing on the fence.”

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‘RHOD’s D’Andra Simmons & Tiffany Moon Talk Show’s Pause – Hollywood Life

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