RHONY’s Ramona, Leah McSweeney’s Luang, Heather Thomson’s “Fight”

Big Apple drama! Ramona singer And Luann de Lesseps Weighted to Rear Maxweeney And Heather ThomsonFight in the next season Real New York City Housewife..

Season 13 will not air until Tuesday, May 4, but Bravo is already teasing the explosion between full-time housewives Lear (38) and Heather (51). Leave the show In season 7.Ramona, 64, spoke exclusively We weekly with her Luang, 55, Heather invited for lunch.Before you start shootingI told her she needed to join a woman on a trip to the Hamptons.

“Unfortunately, she and Leah collided. [when she arrived]”Ramona explained. “Maybe Lear was threatened by the long-standing friendship between Luang and Heather. I don’t know. Good, There are other things she was upset about You will see. And they really clashed. “

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The· Life on the Ramona Coaster Author Lear and Heather only met “easily” at, so she admitted that she was “shocked” by how things were done. Dorinda MedleyBerkshire’s house a year ago.

“I don’t like being exposed to Leah’s wrath, so I didn’t come to Heather’s defense,” Ramona added. “I just ran in the opposite direction and said,’Thank God, it’s not me.'”

Luang, on the other hand, wasn’t too surprised by the conflict between the two.

“I wasn’t so shocked because they felt they were two big personalities,” she said exclusively. We.. “As you know, I think the conflict was a reality. You can see how it works.”

As for where her friendship is with Heather Since her show ended in 2015Luang pointed out that they weren’t really in touch.

“We don’t meet each other very often, because as you know, we just have different lifestyles.” actress Said. “Her kids are still like teens [while] I’m growing up outside my house.She lives in Berkshire [and] I’m in the Hamptons. It’s really because of the place and the different stages of life. “

We I broke the news in March Heather stopped shooting next season RHONY After a “troublesome” exchange with Leah who joined the cast during Season 12.

“Immediately after she arrived, Lear and Heather faced each other. Heather thought that Lear acted for the camera, she was insulting and exploitative, and frankly crossed the line. I was able to see it in use, “said an exclusive source. We At the time. “Heather didn’t want part of the rear, so after she left the weekend, Heather wasn’t interested in continuing the season at all and stopped shooting.”

The· Married to the CEO of a mob The Instagram Story, which was deleted the same month, seems to have addressed her feud with Heather.

“I don’t like women who are shy about other women,” she wrote. “Morally better than other women. Plastic surgery is ashamed of other women. The gossip that other women are taking drugs when you are familiar with them also did them. And finally, I don’t like white women calling black women “expressive.” Especially while acting like an awakening queen. “

Earlier this month, Heather The eyes do not match the rear Appearing on the “Friends of Dorothy” podcast.

“I will be assaulted this season,” she insisted, implying that it was the designer who came for her. “People were interested in putting me down, dragging me down and showing me who the queen bee was. It was the new girl who was scared and wanted to show who the queen bee was. . “

Season 13 Real New York City Housewife Premiered at Bravo on Tuesday, May 4th at 9pm EST.

Report by Christina Garibaldi

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RHONY’s Ramona, Leah McSweeney’s Luang, Heather Thomson’s “Fight”

Source link RHONY’s Ramona, Leah McSweeney’s Luang, Heather Thomson’s “Fight”

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