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After Ramona Singer ridiculed Leah McSweeney’s married mob brand in a recent “RHONY” episode, Rihanna came to defend Leahanna by trolling Ramona in her collection shirt!

Rihanna Is a team Leah McSweeney Designer Real housewife in new york Conflict with Ramona singer.. During the latest episode of the show, Rihanna dropped Rihanna’s name during a fierce battle with Ramona. Ramona was ridiculing Leah’s clothing brand Married to the Mob, but Leah returned with great applause. “It’s all good because you’re not my demographic,” she told Ramona. “I have already made Rihanna wear my s ***, do you think I need you to wear my s ***?”

Indeed, Rihanna is a fan of the Leah’s Married to the Mob brand, and she proved it by posting her photo on Instagram on one of the shirts in her collection. RHONY episode. “What did @RamonaSinger say?” She wrote that the “b **** mob” shirt was fully exhibited along with the photo. RiRi also tagged Ramona in the post to make sure she saw it and added a crying laugh emoji. Lear looked at the post and commented in a series of emojis, “I love you very much.”

Leah did not participate RHONY Until Season 12 of 2020, she actually knew Rihanna before becoming a cast member of the show. The two met at the 2019 Met Gala. Rihanna was actually already dressed in mobs before being introduced to Leah. “She thought she already knew me, and she gave me a big hug, like” I know you! “,” Lear recalled about the Met Gala experience. rice field. “And I was.” In fact, you don’t know me, but you’re wearing my clothes line. You are wearing my brand, and thank you for it. She was like, “Are you the girl doing the brand ?!” And I was like “Yeah!” She was like, “Oh, my god is here!” And again gave me a big hug. She was very cool. “

Ramona Singer and Leah McSweeney from “RHONY”. (Sophie Holland / Bravo)

In May 2021, Leah confirmed that she and Rihanna were in contact after meeting Met Gala. “We DMed back and forth.” She admitted.. “She is the worst b *** h in the world. No one is as hot and cool as Rihanna. It’s pretty cool. [to DM with her].. “

Rihanna also showed support for Rihanna in Rihanna RHONY Reunion of Season 12 in September 2020. Leah and Ramona had a fierce conflict during the reunion. Leah shared a fight clip on Instagram and said, “Are everyone else proud of the’crazy’b *** h? !! Rihanna came to the comments section and posted a hand-raised emoji and a shrug emoji, revealing that she was Team Rihanna!

Rihanna disrespects Ramona singer and wears Leah McSweeney shirt – Hollywood Life

Source link Rihanna disrespects Ramona singer and wears Leah McSweeney shirt – Hollywood Life

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