Rio Grande High School students find creative ways to give back to the community – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2020-10-20 08:30:00 –

Albuquerque, NY (KRQE) – As part of this week’s Dude, Be Nice initiative, high schools around Albuquerque are now paying attention to being community-friendly.

This week, Rio Grande High School students will visit 77 virtual classrooms to read to elementary school students as part of their reading in the Raven Program. On Saturday, students also held a community service event to clean the parking lot at Rio Grande High School.

Senior Vice President Esperansarios said he hopes to set a good example for the young students they meet. “I hope the kids think,’Hey, they’re working hard, they keep raising their heads,'” Rios said. “It makes me feel good, knowing that I can actually be there for those in need.”

Senior Class President Melannie Hernandez said the project is important to both the school and the communities in which they serve. “Overall, this was a big step for Rio Grande. We couldn’t do much at school, but with this spring’s project, it’s helping us get out there.” Hernandez said. “It helps us spread kindness and helps students get out there and participate in something.”

Leslie Jackson, activity director at Rio Grande High School, said the students would write encouragement letters to seniors and nursing home patients and provide breakfast to staff building new gyms.

Next week’s final theme is “Spirit Week”. Schools throughout the school district participate in unique events that show the spirit of the school.

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